4 ways to teach your child to be more independent

By Lynn Wee   — December 07, 2016
  • 1. Let him choose his own clothes and dress himself
    1 / 4 1. Let him choose his own clothes and dress himself

    Allow him to decide what he’d like to wear for the day.

    Apart from independence and decision-making, it allows him to learn to coordinate his outfit, says Iris Lim, principal at the Chiltern House Preschool. If your aspiring fashionista is ready, he can also dress himself.

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  • 2. Pack his toys away
    2 / 4 2. Pack his toys away

    Make this task a routine by turning it into a game: “Let’s see who is faster in packing up the toys!” After playing, allow him to put away his toys on his own.

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  • 3. Help out in the kitchen
    3 / 4 3. Help out in the kitchen

    Baking is a great opportunity to engage her. Get her to sieve the flour, roll the dough, mix ingredients into a bowl, and others. 

    She will also pick up mathematical concepts like measuring and prediction, Iris adds. If it gets messy, don’t fret; children learn best through mess. Plus, you can clean up together!

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  • 4. Set up and clear the table
    4 / 4 4. Set up and clear the table

    Start by setting up the table with him – eventually, he will be able to do it by himself. After the meal, encourage him to clear his own plate by bringing it to the sink.

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