Nurturing bilingualism and creativity

Pat’s Schoolhouse has been building a strong foundation in preschoolers since 1988.


Creativity is one of the most important characteristics you can nurture in your child to build a strong foundation for the future. 

For 28 years, Pat’s Schoolhouse has been transforming the lives of children aged two months to six years old, with its award-winning curriculum and renowned bilingual immersion programme. 

Through exposure to topics such as language art, music and movement and story dramatisation, kids are immersed in a language- and print-rich environment that adds to their holistic learning experience.

Learning through play
Learning becomes natural for little ones when it’s done through play.

Through its many activities and traditions like family days, field trips, and excursions, Pat's Schoolhouse encourages children to be anything they want to be in a safe, homely and warm environment. 

Your young ones will emerge confident and courageous, and ready to pursue their ideals and explore a world of possibilities.

Bilingual immersion
To make sure that learning is fun, hands-on, as well as intellectually challenging for the kids, Pat's Schoolhouse pioneered the bilingual immersion core curriculum that is not only unique and progressive, but also integrates internationally renowned programmes with the requirements of the local school framework. 

Children become well-versed in both languages as they get to converse with their English and Mandarin teachers during each lesson every day. This way, language is caught, not taught.

Pat’s Schoolhouse runs 18 preschools with three infant-care centres island-wide. Visit to find out more.


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