Primary 1 registration 2017: Important dates to remember

May 08, 2017
  • Primary 1 registration 2017
    1 / 8 Primary 1 registration 2017

    Registration of children for admission to Primary 1 next year will begin on June 29 and end on Aug 28, according to the Ministry of Education’s website.

    Children born between Jan 2, 2011, and Jan 1, 2012 (both dates inclusive), have to register for admission to primary school.

    Parents can register their children in a primary school of their choice from 8am to 11am, and 2.30pm to 4.30pm, on each scheduled registration day.

    Registration will take place in different phases.

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  • Phase 1
    2 / 8 Phase 1

    If your elder child is already studying in the school, your younger child is eligible for this phase. Your older child will bring back a form for you to fill up.

    When June 29 to 30
    When you’ll know the results There is no date on MOE’s website, but your child is guaranteed a place.

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  • Phase 2A (1)
    3 / 8 Phase 2A (1)

    You’re eligible if you’re an old girl or boy who is also a member of the School Advisory/Management Committee, or who joined the alumni association by June 30, 2016.

    When to register July 5
    When you’ll know the results July 7

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  • Phase 2A (2)
    4 / 8 Phase 2A (2)

    Register during this phase if you’re an old boy or girl, school staff member or if your elder child already graduated from that school.

    When to register July 11 to 12
    When you’ll know the results July 14

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  • Phase 2B
    5 / 8 Phase 2B

    This is the phase for parents who joined as a volunteer by July 1, 2016 and have given at least 40 hours of service by June 30, 2017.

    It’s also open to parents endorsed by the church/clan directly connected with the primary school, or who are endorsed as active community leaders.

    When to register July 17 to 18
    When you’ll know the results July 21

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  • Phase 2C
    6 / 8 Phase 2C

    Those who did not qualify for the previous phases or did not manage to get a place in their first choice of school will register during this phase.

    When to register Register Online from July 25 (9am) to July 27 (4.30pm) or at the school from July 26 to 28
    When you’ll know the results Aug 2

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  • Phase 2C Supplementary
    7 / 8 Phase 2C Supplementary

    If your kid still isn’t registered, this is your last chance to do so, unless you’re a foreigner.

    When to register Online from Aug 13 (9am) to Aug 15 (4.30pm) or at the school from Aug 15 to 16
    When you’ll know the results Aug 21

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  • Phase 3
    8 / 8 Phase 3

    Foreigners register during this phase.

    When to register Aug 28
    When you’ll know the results Nov 30

    Find out more at MOE’s website here.

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    A version of this article first appeared in The Straits Times
    (Photos: The Straits Times)

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