What Singapore parents need to know about the new computerised balloting for Primary 1 registration

March 20, 2018
  • No more need to visit the school for balloting
    1 / 4 No more need to visit the school for balloting

    Parents will not need to go down to schools for balloting from this year (2018), as manual balloting conducted by schools as part of the annual Primary 1 registration exercise will be replaced by computerised balloting.

    In a press release on March 20, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said that the computerised process, which it will centrally conduct, will help to “streamline” the registration processes and make it more convenient for parents.

    Like the manual process, computerised balloting ensures that all who need to ballot “are assured of an equal chance of admission into the school”, it said.

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  • Computerised balloting is secure
    2 / 4 Computerised balloting is secure

    Balloting is done when the number of applications exceeds the vacancies at a school during the registration phases. Parents can continue to refer to the MOE website to find out which schools need balloting at the end of each phase.

    From 2018, they will be notified via text message on the registration results and balloting outcome if applicable, on the same day.

    MOE said that computerised balloting is a secure process which it has used for many years during Secondary 1 posting and Joint Admissions Exercises.

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  • International students must submit indication of interest
    3 / 4 International students must submit indication of interest

    Another change that the ministry is making is for international students – from 2018’s exercise, they will need to submit an “indication of interest” form online via MOE’s Primary 1 website from June 5 to 11. This is ahead of the actual Primary 1 registration that begins in late June.

    They will be notified in October by MOE whether they can get a Primary 1 slot in a school, and must register in-person at the designated primary schools during Phase 3 later that month.

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  • More foreign applicants
    4 / 4 More foreign applicants

    MOE said that it has been receiving more applications from foreign students over the years, resulting in more time being needed to process their applications.

    It said that submitting an indication of interest is not considered registration and, as in previous exercises, school admission for international students is not guaranteed as there are limited vacancies after places have been allocated to Singaporean and permanent resident children.

    A version of this story first appeared in The Straits Times.

    (Photos: ST)

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