Where to deliver in Singapore: Mount Alvernia Hospital

By Lynn Wee   — September 04, 2017
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    Mount Alvernia has several packages with a wide selection of room types for you to choose from.

    But if plush is what you desire, go for the Family Suite @ Our Lady Ward – the biggest maternity room in the hospital.

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    The layout is well thought-out and it felt larger than 334 sq ft.

    The suite includes a range of amenities such as a personal safe, mini fridge, dining table, dressing table, work area, beverage tray, an air purifier and an attached bathroom.

    Mums won’t have to fuss about bringing sufficient toiletries, as basic in-house toiletries – shampoo, shower gel and body lotion – are provided.

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    Visiting family members and friends will also be kept entertained with the two 40-inch flat-screen TVs, which come with 17 channels, and a DVD and radio console.

    Dads will also have a good night’s rest, thanks to the suite’s separate guest lounge area, which features two daybeds that measure 1.6m to 1.98m, and can be easily converted into an additional sleeping area.

    Free lodging and meals are provided for the first companion.

    Have another family member who would like to stay over, as well?

    The hospital also offers the option of accommodation and meals for a second companion, with a daily charge rate of $80.25 (inclusive of GST).

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    Food-wise, new mums have a choice of either confinement food, which features dishes such as double-boiled black chicken with dang gui, and steamed fish with chicken essence, or a selection of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cuisines.

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    When you’re discharged, you’ll receive a baby bath tub and a discharge bag which consists of products from various baby-care brands, such as Cetaphil, Pigeon and Nestle.

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    How much: A night at the Family Suite @ Our Lady Ward costs $896.66 (including GST, but excluding delivery charges).

    Find out more:  www.mtalvernia.sg/maternity/maternity

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