Top 10 most liked Instagram pictures of 2017: Singapore family and baby edition

By Lynn Wee   — December 27, 2017
  • Number 1
    1 / 10 Number 1

    Number of likes: 26,644

    There’s nothing cuter than Momo twins dressed to match, and donned in matching adorable Christmas trees costumes, too.

    It’s no wonder popular Instagram stars Leia and Lauren topped our list of the most liked photos of 2017 (Singapore edition) with this festive shot.

    (Photo: Instagram/leialauren)

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  • Number 2
    2 / 10 Number 2

    Number of likes: 26,467

    Baby dress-up pictures – where parents take a creative spin of their sleeping babies – have long gone viral.

    And, this spa-inspired picture of Singapore’s well-loved twins unquestionably hits the spot.

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    (Photo: Instagram/leialauren)

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  • Number 3
    3 / 10 Number 3

    Number of likes: 24, 250

    When Singapore’s Ah Jie posts a picture of her family – which includes veteran actor husband Christopher Lee and their adorable tyke, Zed – you know it’ll garner the attention.

    (Photo: Instagram/fannaiaiwong)

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  • Number 4
    4 / 10 Number 4

    Number of likes: 24,102

    Did we already mention twinning babies are taking the social media world by storm? Scroll through Beyonce and Cristiano Ronaldo’s feed and you’ll find posts of their twins in the international top charts of the most-liked pictures.

    And, Leia and Lauren prove it, too.

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    (Photo: Instagram/leialauren)

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  • Number 5
    5 / 10 Number 5

    Number of likes: 23,799

    Grumpy babies? Check. Chubby babies with rolls? Check. Momo twins? Check. Baby dress-up? Check. Star factor? Check.

    Yes, these are all the ingredients you’ll need to nab a significant amount of likes on the social photo-sharing platform.

    (Photo: Instagram/leialauren)

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  • Number 6
    6 / 10 Number 6

    Number of likes: 21,678

    How often do you see Singapore’s power couple – Fann Wong and Christopher Lee – in elves’ outfits?

    So when the 46-year-old actress posts a picture of them along with their little one Zed donning matching festive outfits, it’s a hit.

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    (Photo: Instagram/fannaiaiwong)

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  • Number 7
    7 / 10 Number 7

    Number of likes: 21,671

    If identical twins aren’t enough to melt your hearts, throw in a stunning view of the Phang Nga Bay, and it’ll guarantee a click on the like (heart-shaped) icon.

    (Photo: Instagram/leialauren)

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  • Number 8
    8 / 10 Number 8

    Number of likes: 20,754

    After Bong Qiuqiu faced public backlash for asking netizens to fund her legal fees for an ongoing dispute with a social media advertising network – with one person even asking her to miscarry or abort her unborn baby – the popular influencer still managed to rack up a substantial amount of likes with a picture of her newborn, Amelia Tan.

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    (Photo: Instagram/bongqiuqiu)

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  • Number 9
    9 / 10 Number 9

    Number of likes: 20,591

    You know twin stars Leia and Lauren have dominated the list when six of their Insta-shots are on the top 10 most-liked pictures (Singapore family and baby edition) on Instagram.

    And when mum Amber Yong takes toning pictures of her twins up a notch with the entire family clad in matching candy cane Christmas jammies, what’s not to like?

    (Photo: Instagram/leialauren)

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  • Number 10
    10 / 10 Number 10

    Number of likes: 20,129

    We watched him grow up on Instagram and loved pictures which showcased his funny and exaggerated expressions.

    So, when his mum, celebrity blogger Xiaxue posts a picture of herself and Dash – who is smartly dressed in a trenchcoat – you know it’ll command an overwhelming number of likes.

    And we can’t help but go Aww, too.

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    (Photo: Instagram/xiaxue)

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