Develop a joy for learning at Cherie Hearts

The Cherie Hearts holistic curriculum nurtures the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and language domains of children.


Go to work with absolute peace of mind when you entrust your precious ones to the care of Cherie Hearts. The recognised preschool brand under the G8 Education Singapore preschool chain boasts a holistic and purposeful curriculum that allows children to experience personal success and develop a joy for learning.

Through its unique PE formula of Programme Excellence, People Excellence, Parents as Partners, and Environment Excellence, Cherie Hearts seeks to nurture and educate children with a comprehensive foundation in early childhood development.

Programme Excellence 
With a holistic, multi-literacies approach to learning, Cherie Hearts recognises and nurtures each child’s growth – physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and linguistically, ensuring that children reach their optimal potential while laying the foundation for lifelong learning. 

People Excellence
Providing the finest childcare services with the optimum teacher-child ratio, all children receive specialist care and education by loving, well-qualified early childhood educators. The Curriculum is also crafted by in-house Curriculum Specialists.

Environment Excellence
Each of the centres has been built and designed to enhance and enrich a child’s imagination and creativity. They contain high quality, age-appropriate equipment, materials, and educational resources that facilitate play and teaching.  

Children can look forward to hands-on activities like painting, dough play, water and sand play, a cosy area with cushions and books, and a constructive area with building blocks. They will also participate in programmes that involve puppetry, dress up and dramatic play, as well as creative expression like arts and crafts and music and movement. 

Parents as Partners
Cherie Hearts partners closely and purposefully with parents who are regularly updated on their children’s progress. We listen to what they want for their children, and sharing well-documented observations with them through parent-teacher conferences, community involvement, and parents’ feedback system.

Visit to find out more about Cherie Hearts and locate your nearest centre. Call G8 Education Singapore at 6235-8820, or e-mail for enquiries.