Discover an exploratory approach to learning

The Bright Juniors programme encourages exploration and self-discovery, which helps children to think of creative solutions every day.


Children are curious about the world we live in. Fulfil their innate potential through exploration and self-discovery.

Your child might be able to pick up some cooking skills through his observation at the corner of a kitchen. However, if you involve him in the preparation and cooking process, he will be able to learn to identify ingredients, measure quantities, wash, cut and clean – all through first-hand experience!

Self-Discovery & Experiential Learning
At Bright Juniors, children are given the time to explore, experiment and discover their individual abilities in a resourceful environment. 

The Bright Juniors Curriculum focusses on 4 main areas:

  • Thematic Topics in English
  • Integrated Mathematical Concepts
  • Phonics & Reading Skills
  • Thematic Topics in Chinese

The knowledge-based, thematic curricula allow young learners to explore a wide variety of subjects and materials based on real-life examples and scenarios. Children are given ample opportunities to engage in quality interactions with their teachers and peers, as well as to participate in interdisciplinary activities.

Designed for progressive assimilation, the Bright Juniors Integrated Math Curriculum introduces children to basic mathematical concepts and skills through hands-on manipulation of a variety of creative resources appropriate from 18-month to six-year-olds. 

To help children identify, sound, and write the letters of the alphabet, Bright Juniors uses a highly effective set of readers and phonics materials that enable children to read, write, and spell easily. The multi-sensorial learning of the alphabet through music and movement, songs, art and craft, games, role-play, rhymes, and social interaction allow them to make meaningful connections to the real world. 

Through our curriculum which focuses on self-discovery and exploratory learning, children develop essential life skills such as creativity, resourcefulness and resilience. By the time your child graduates from Bright Juniors, he would have been trained to creatively solve problems and resolve issues for himself. 

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