Learning with a global perspective at Our Juniors' Schoolhouse

The preschool’s English-Mandarin bilingual programme allows children to appreciate both cultures in greater depth.


At Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse, bilingual English-Mandarin and bi-cultural East-West programmes are designed to develop and nurture our Juniors’ 5Cs – Curiosity, Capabilities, Confidence, Care, and Creativity to help them meet the challenges of the globalised world. With a focus on biculturalism and bilingualism, Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse integrates English-Mandarin bilingual education to help foster children’s appreciation for the dynamic world around them, while meeting their individual learning needs.

Rich Curriculum of Cultural Diversity & Bilingualism
In order to open the children’s minds and touch their hearts, the Juniors’ Discovery Themes provide children a wide variety of topics with exposure to Eastern and Western environments. Fundamental concepts are introduced and built upon through a diverse range of hands-on, experiential activities.

To cultivate a lifelong interest in learning the Chinese language, Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse grows the children’s appreciation of Chinese culture through connecting with their interests, discussions about their everyday experiences, fun exercises in pronunciation and grammar, as well as hands-on appreciation of Chinese culture.

The preschool believes in reflecting and empowering the diverse cultural background of children which in turn develops their appreciation for diversity. Children are exposed to classical music, dance, art as well as food and games relating to countries that they are exploring and there are frequent cultural exchanges due to the diverse ethnic backgrounds of our children and parents.

Rest assured that your little one is having a ball of a time while you’re at work. With activities like storytelling, songs and rhymes, music and movement, as well as directed activities including cookery, creative art and craft, pretend play and dramatisation, Junior will have fun even as he learns. He will also enjoy outdoor activities such as water play, sand play and playground fun.

Join Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse today where a culturally rich curriculum helps children appreciate dynamic, global diversity. Let Our Juniors’ Schoolhouse open the minds and touch the hearts of your little ones!

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