To Maternity Care and Beyond

Mount Alvernia Hospital delivers quality care for Mother and Child


The hospital maternity experience is one of the things expectant mothers have to consider when choosing a hospital for delivery and postnatal care.

After all, you want a place where you will have a safe and positive childbirth experience, enjoy a high quality of care, and have a holistic support structure that extends beyond maternity care. 

Mount Alvernia Hospital gives new mothers the quality service and maternity care in a warm and supportive environment. Established in 1961, the hospital pioneered maternity care and parentcraft services, and has been providing such help in Singapore for more than 55 years. 

Best for mother and child
New mums get the best support through all stages of pregnancy – antenatal, childbirth and postnatal. Pro-life and pro-breastfeeding, the team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, lactation consultants from Alvernia Parentcraft Centre, and physiotherapists work together with a shared philosophy to “serve all with love”. 

Indeed, it is the hospital's personable care that many new parents remember it by. Those who once delivered their babies at the hospital now witness their grandchildren being born there. Baby blessings are provided for new parents and their precious bundle before they head home.

With Mount Alvernia Hospital as your maternity hospital, you’ll find a full spectrum of obstetric/gynaecology and paediatric services. Going beyond maternity issues, the hospital also cares for you and your little one in the areas of child cognitive and physical development, sustainability through breastfeeding, and women’s health past your child-bearing years.

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