Nappy Happy

Merries keeps Baby’s bottom dry and comfortable.


Nappy Happy

All mothers want to provide the best for their child. With a baby’s delicate skin being only half as thick as an adult’s skin, diaper rash is a common problem.

When a baby uses the diaper, the moisture level in it can increase to 80 per cent at once. While a newly wet diaper might seem to have absorbed fluids immediately, moisture is still being retained.

What’s worse, babies sweat twice as much as adults do. Stuffiness and moisture in the diaper can irritate your little one’s damp skin, causing diaper rash.

That’s why it’s important to put your child in a comfortable diaper that will pamper his delicate skin.

A merry baby
Merries diapers features exceptional breathability, superb absorbency and ultra-softness to keep your little bundle of joy smiling.

Merries Tape diapers have been improved to boost Baby’s comfort. They are specially designed with a new triple layer air-through system that increases breathability by 40 per cent* for long-lasting dryness. This works by allowing air to flow freely from every part of the diaper, releasing humidity from sweat and waste. It effectively expels moisture and stuffiness from the insides of the diaper. A survey by Kao in September last year showed that 97 per cent of mothers in Japan found this triple-layer air-through design meant a drier bottom for their babies.

Gentle on Baby’s delicate skin, the diaper’s inner wavy and soft surface also reduces contact area so that it does not stick to the skin. Besides, Merries Tape diapers also provide superb absorbency, leaving the skin free from rash or discomfort. Its super absorbent sheet instantly draws in and locks away urine and soft faeces, leaving the diaper surface drier to prevent diaper rash. The fitted side gathers also prevent leakage of waste no matter how active baby is.

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*Compared with previous Merries Tape diapers.