Put junior on the learning fast track

Give your little one an educational head start with right-brain training at Heguru Singapore, now located at Choa Chu Kang and Harbourfront Centre.


Children today have so much to learn, understand and remember. But the early years are the best time to inculcate a love of learning, so that they will be able to learn more with greater ease. The ages between zero and six are crucial, as this is a time of rapid brain development. The right hemisphere of the brain is particularly dominant during this stage; it controls a range of functions, including visual perception, reasoning and problem solving, memory, organisation, insight and social communication.

Enhance your child's IQ and creativity
Developing Junior’s right brain will help uncover his potential. This is where the Heguru method comes in. Founded in Japan by Hirotada and Ruiko Henmi, the Heguru method has been said to help enhance photographic memory power, improve comprehension skills and critical-thinking ability, boost creativity, increase IQ, and also increase reading speed.

Heguru Singapore specialises in educational programmes that are focused on right brain-development training for children here. Licensed by the Henmi Educational General Laboratory in Japan, Heguru Singapore offers programmes for infants and toddlers (six months to four years old) that help stimulate their right brains during this critical period of development; preschoolers (four to six years old) to help give them a head start in primary school; and primary-schoolers (seven to 12 years old) to achieve speed reading and superior photographic memory.

The centre uses proven methods from Japan, such as Rhythmics, Numbers, Instant Memorisation and Handicrafts, to develop your child’s whole and right brain, as well as instil in him a love of learning.

Education with a difference
Heguru Singapore stands out from other Heguru centres in Singapore, in that it has dedicated and experienced principals running the centre.

Principal Agnes Ng, a mum of three, has a Master of Education in Early Childhood from Nanyang Technological University (NIE). Vice-principal (Curriculum) Claire Ng is a former teacher who supervised programmes for higher-ability students. A mum of two, she is currently working towards her Master of Education in Early Childhood from NIE. Vice-principal (Operations) Rachel Pei, who used to work in the financial sector, is passionate about empowering children to fulfil their potential to the best of their abilities. Together, they have created a unique curriculum and set of materials that aim to help develop and maximise their students’ potential.

Heguru Singapore, formerly located at Fushionopolis, is now at Harbourfront Centre and Choa Chu Kang. For more information, call 6466-6580 or 9182-4381, or visit