Enrichment and Preschool Portal: The Only One You’ll Need!

Jumpstart Junior’s learning journey with online portal SeriousAboutPreschool



When you're planning a holiday or searching for a property to buy, where do you start looking? And what happens when you are searching for a preschool or enrichment classes for your little learner?

SeriousAboutPreschool is the TripAdvisor or PropertyGuru equivalent for preschools and enrichment programmes. The portal has the largest database of over 8,000 enrichment programmes, preschools, childcare and infant-care centres in Singapore. It offers quick information, trial offers, experts' advice and parents’ reviews. You can find all the information you need with a comprehensive search feature, in just one click.

A click away
Not just another listing website, SeriousAboutPreschool is a dynamic and powerful portal. It not only allows you to search for any type of preschool and enrichment programmes for children up to seven years old, but also to compare and book them for free or at discounted rates.

Sign up to enjoy these services for free and you will also receive a members' welcome pack of exclusive offers from partnering enrichment centres and preschools. Write reviews and book classes and you will earn reward points.

With SeriousAboutPreschool, you will be kept updated on kids’ activities, events and school open houses at all times.

You also get to learn from the experts in the Ask The Experts section. The questions and answers go through a helpful search system so you can filter your questions in seconds.

By joining a community at the forum, you can connect with other parents who have kids from similar age groups. You can even book holiday programmes or group activities together to reap group discounts!

The newly launched mobile app even allows busy parents to search on the go.

Founded in January 2015 by a mum-of-two who spent hours scouring the Internet to find enrichment classes for her kids, SeriousAboutPreschool hopes to ease this tedious research process and offer parents the answers they need in a quick way.

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