Motherswork Baby Gift Registry Now Available!

Motherswork's baby registry is all you need to set up your baby shower or baby's birthday.


Picture this scenario: Your baby shower's just over and you lie back on the sofa, facing a mountain of gifts before you – two baby bathtubs, three baby blankets, four teethers, and five hanging mobile toys. Now, what are you going to do with them all?

Before this becomes a reality, set up a baby registry with Motherswork, so your family and friends can select gifts that you really want and need.

With over 4,000 products available on the website, you will have everything you possibly need as a new mum. Your guests can pick from strollers and sterilisers to bottles and bibs. 

At this one-stop shop for mums, babies and kids, you'll find only the best, tried-and-tested products. Motherswork not only scours the world for the best international brands with proven safety standards, but it also stocks creative and quality products by local businesses.

You'll find top international brands – from Medela to Mustela, Bugaboo to Bebe Au Lait, Stokke to Storksak – and local ones like Hegen, which offers baby bottles and breast-milk storage solutions. 

Easy way to shop
Simply share your baby registry with your friends at the click of a button or with a unique URL address that you can share anywhere. Your friends can buy off your registry online or at Motherswork located at Great World City.   

Motherswork provides a one-time free delivery of your loot to the baby shower event. If you are a VIP member, all your friends and family will enjoy a 10 per cent discount off the gifts they select. Otherwise, their purchases will contribute to the $500 qualifying amount for you to become a VIP. That means everyone saves on your registry picks!

Set up your baby registry at in the month of October 2016, and you will get a 10 per cent rebate voucher* to shop in our store on the total registry value.

*Terms and condition applies.