Liquid Talc – Safer for Babies

Biolane Liquid Talc protects Baby's skin safely and effectively.


Who doesn't love the scent of talc on a newborn?

Talc is a soft, sweet-smelling way to keep skin dry and avoid rashes as the powder absorbs moisture and reduces friction. However, talcum powder can cause breathing difficulties if your tot inhales a lot of it.

For a safe way to protect her skin, use Biolane Liquid Talc on skin folds that are prone to redness and irritation, such as on the neck, legs, bottom and armpits.

This cream has all the properties of classic talc while avoiding the inconvenience of volatile powder. Once in contact with skin, the emulsion transforms miraculously into powder form.

Biolane products boast natural ingredients and are perfect for Baby’s delicate skin. Used in maternity wards and recommended by the medical profession, they are used on millions of newborns around the world.

The Liquid Talc's plant-origin powder gently absorbs any excess dampness – the culprit of skin irritation – even as it strengthens the skin’s natural protective film against harsh external factors such as urine, stools and friction caused by the chafing of diapers and clothes.

Thanks to its panthenol content (0.5 per cent), redness and irritation are kept at bay.

All Biolane products are also formulated with hydra-bleine – a natural plant complex made of wheat oils and proteins – to nourish and soften your little one’s skin, while providing a protective barrier and ensuring it retains its hypo-lipid balance.

New mums can rest assured that the products are free from nasties such as paraben, alcohol, soap, phenoxyethanol and phthalate.

Those expecting are not forgotten by Biolane – there are products specially formulated for skincare from the first month of pregnancy.

Get Biolane Liquid Talc ($28.90 for 100ml) and other Biolane products from selected Watsons and Guardian stores, Kiddy Palace and Metro Causeway Point. You can also shop online at and