10 outdoor play ideas for you and your child

March 26, 2020
  • Provide large outdoor toys
    1 / 10 Provide large outdoor toys

    If you have a garden, put out plenty of large toys, such as a swing, climbing frame or mini-roundabout.

    Even if you don’t have a garden, give her a pedal tricycle or a pull-along toy that she can play with in the park. This gets her used to being outside the house.

    And she’ll soon start to notice what goes on around her. (Diggersite at Yishun is a fun alternative, too.)

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  • Take her on trips to the park
    2 / 10 Take her on trips to the park

    Your child quickly learns to love the wide open space outdoors, especially when she realises she can use that space for her play activities.

    Let her run on the grass or simply walk along the paths while clutching her doll.

    She’ll start to make up her own games for outdoor play.

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  • Show her nature pictures
    3 / 10 Show her nature pictures

    Find a picture book that contains images of nature, such as animals, trees, plants, rivers, ponds and fish.

    Read through the book with your two-year-old. Encourage her to point to each picture as you turn the pages.

    Chat about the items enthusiastically and describe them to her as vividly as you can.

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  • Play “I spy” with her outdoors
    4 / 10 Play “I spy” with her outdoors

    Make use of the time you and your child are out together, such as a shopping expedition or a visit to friends or relatives.

    Ask her to spot specific animals or flowers. Stop and stand still so that she has time to scan her environment properly and give her a big cuddle when she spies the item. She will thoroughly enjoy playing this game.

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  • Go out in varied weather
    5 / 10 Go out in varied weather

    Don’t just have a trip outdoors when the sun shines. Your kid will learn to love the outdoors when she goes out in all kinds of weather.

    As long as she is warmly wrapped in waterproof clothes, she wouldn’t mind walking in the rain. She will enjoy the sensation of raindrops on her face and hands.

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  • Explore natural wonders
    6 / 10 Explore natural wonders

    Take your kid into your garden or the park. Let her watch you dig up a small mound of soil and then ask her to peer closely at the insect life you have disturbed.

    She’ll see worms, beetles, and other insects. If you have an expression of interest on your face, she will be enthusiastic, too.

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  • Take holidays in the countryside
    7 / 10 Take holidays in the countryside

    She may like beach holidays in large hotels with swimming pools and play areas, but she will also have fun staying in the countryside.

    You may find that sort of vacation boring. But your kid has a spontaneous interest in nature. She will be totally engrossed by the animal and plant life.

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  • Adopt a small pet
    8 / 10 Adopt a small pet

    Your toddler isn’t old enough to have the sole responsibility of looking after the family pet. But she can help look after it under your supervision.

    For instance, she can place a little food into the fish tank or she can brush the hair of your family dog.

    This teaches her to be sensitive and caring towards animals.

    But remember, a pet is for life. So don’t get a pet unless the whole family is ready for the responsibility.

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  • Make a sound tape
    9 / 10 Make a sound tape

    Compile a tape of common nature sounds, such as water running, birds singing, frogs croaking, rain falling, and so on.

    Then play these sounds to your child, one at a time.

    Ask her to match the sounds to pictures and make this a fun activity.

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  • Visit the zoo
    10 / 10 Visit the zoo

    Your child finds animals fascinating, whether they are large or small.

    As far as she is concerned, a zoo is filled with endless amazing sights, and she won’t be intimated by them as long as you are at her side.

    The Singapore Zoo has animals that children can actually pet.

    (Photos: 123RF.com)

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