10 ways every parent can teach children about giving

April 27, 2020
  • 10 ways to teach your kids about giving
    1 / 11 10 ways to teach your kids about giving

    Help your child to appreciate the joy of gifting, generosity and gratitude all year round. Here’s how you can teach him about “giving”, instead of “getting”.

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  • Explain that he should give to others
    2 / 11 Explain that he should give to others

    It may not have occurred to your kid that he can give as well as receive. Point out that his sister would be delighted if he gave her a present, just as he would be thrilled to get a gift.

    Everyone can give, not just adults. 

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  • Suggest possibilities
    3 / 11 Suggest possibilities

    He doesn’t have to buy something for you as a present – he could make a present instead, and you’d probably prefer that. Offer him craft ideas for making items such as a bookmark.

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  • Offer practical support
    4 / 11 Offer practical support

    He might be anxious about making his own gift, so it would help if you get involved. He needs to do most of the work himself, but you can help him cut out the cardboard for the bookmark.

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  • Don’t wait until birthdays
    5 / 11 Don’t wait until birthdays

    There is no reason why Junior shouldn’t give gifts to his family and friends at other times of the year as well. There are anniversaries, festivals and other opportunities for celebration.

    The more frequently your child gives, the easier giving becomes for him.

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  • Develop his sensitivity
    6 / 11 Develop his sensitivity

    Ask him to explain how he feels when he receives a present. Maybe he feels excited or happy because he knows the gift means the other person cares for him.

    Then tell him that everybody feels that way when they receive a present, not just him.

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  • Talk about charity
    7 / 11 Talk about charity

    Help him understand what different charities do to help those who are less fortunate, namely collecting items and money from those who have more.

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  • Involve him in charity donations
    8 / 11 Involve him in charity donations

    There are many ways that he can contribute, for instance, by giving some of his pocket money regularly or donating old toys, games, books and clothes. 

    Giving does not have to involve grand gestures. Small amounts can have an impact, too.

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  • Make giving practical
    9 / 11 Make giving practical

    Whatever your young one decides to give to charity, he should deliver it himself, instead of expecting you to do this for him.

    So he should put the coins into the charity box, or carry his unwanted items to the charity shop and hand them over himself. That makes giving very real for him.


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  • Highlight the benefits
    10 / 11 Highlight the benefits

    True, there are no physical rewards from giving to other people.

    But point out to your child that he will get an emotional reward – he feels good knowing he has helped someone or he’ll beam with pleasure when they thank him for his kindness.

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  • Praise his acts
    11 / 11 Praise his acts

    When he decides to give instead of get, give him a big hug and tell him how proud you are of him for acting so kindly to others.

    Your positive response reinforces his pro-social action, so he will be more likely to give again.

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