3 ways to raise a kind child

By Lynn Wee   — December 15, 2016
  • 1. Be a role model
    1 / 3 1. Be a role model

    A child listens to the words adults say and observes how we act and react to different situations – then replicates this behaviour in his own social interactions, says Sale Eilleen Keith Alfaro, English language teacher at Kinderland preschool at Ministry of National Development.

    In preschool, a teacher demonstrates these compassionate acts, from comforting a child with separation anxiety on his first day at school to calmly talking to a kid who did something wrong. 

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  • 2. Help him nurture friendships
    2 / 3 2. Help him nurture friendships

    Although egocentric by nature, a child is capable of building friendships.

    Through play, he learns to share, take turns, talk in a polite way, and help others. He learns to think about others and the consequences of his actions.

    Activities in the classroom allow him socialise with peers and are great opportunities to teach him values and how to conduct himself in a socially acceptable manner. By reinforcing positive behaviour, good habits can be inculcated at an early age, she adds. 

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  • 3. Involve him in community projects
    3 / 3 3. Involve him in community projects

    At this age, your child is becoming aware of the community he belongs to. Encourage him to take part in community projects so he understands what it is like to help others.

    Such activities allow your youngster to think beyond himself and show care and concern for the environment and the larger community.

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