4 reasons why kids are picky eaters

March 16, 2017
  • She's too full
    1 / 4 She's too full

    If your child has a heavy snack an hour before dinner, you can’t expect him to clean his plate.

    Space out his meals and adjust portion sizes.

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  • He's hypersenstive
    2 / 4 He's hypersenstive

    “There is no ‘picky eater’ gene. For instance, some children are sensitive to bright lights. Others are sensitive to the texture, taste and smell of food,” says Dr Chan Poh Chong of the National University Hospital.

    Desensitise him by exposing him to the food again and again.

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  • He's scared
    3 / 4 He's scared

    “Sometimes, he associates the food with a choking experience and hospitalisation.

    This is fear of feeding or food phobia,” says Dr Chan.

    There are no statistics available on how often this happens, but it is a psychological condition and your doctor may refer you to a professional for help.

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  • He has a medical problem
    4 / 4 He has a medical problem

    These include: oromotor dysfunction (where the mouth’s muscles don’t allow foods to be rolled properly and swallowed), oesophageal reflux (where food moves back up from the stomach to the oesophagus, the tube that passes the food from the mouth to the stomach) or an obstruction in the oesophagus when the child is acutely ill.

    About three to five per cent suffer from these medical problems.

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