5 games that improve motor skills in babies, toddlers and preschoolers

October 09, 2019
  • Crawl, baby, crawl
    1 / 5 Crawl, baby, crawl

    Level up your kid’s motor skills with these fun and simple movement games, suggests Rebecca Goh-Quek, an education specialist from Kinderland Educare Services.

    Good for: Babies learning to crawl

    How to play: Stand some distance away and encourage your baby to crawl to you. Alternatively, start a game by crawling alongside Baby  she’s sure to join in! 

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  • Roll with it
    2 / 5 Roll with it

    Good for: Toddlers

    How to play: Have your little one imagine she is a rolling pin; get her to lie on her back with hands stretched above her head, or arms crossed in front of her chest.

    Roll over from back to front, then front to back. Once she gets a hang of it, encourage her to change the speed.


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  • A balancing act
    3 / 5 A balancing act

    Good for: Two- to three-year-olds

    How to play: Have your kid balance a ball on a tray (or a racquet) while he walks behind you. He should “freeze” without dropping the ball when you stop walking.



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  • Do the locomotion
    4 / 5 Do the locomotion

    Good for: Three- to four-year-olds

    How to play: Use a skipping rope or string to create a pathway; it can be straight, zigzagged, curved or circular. Encourage your child to move through the pathway, either by crawling, walking, sliding or jumping.


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  • Bop the balloon
    5 / 5 Bop the balloon

    Good for: Kindergarteners

    How to play: Get your child to keep a balloon in the air for as long as possible by tapping it. 

    Make it more challenging by having her walk to designated points, while using different body parts to prevent the balloon from falling to the ground. Join in the fun by taking turns to tap the balloon.


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