6 ways to get your child to school on time in the morning

July 06, 2020
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    Getting your child out to school each morning can easily end up as a battle, and that’s not a great start to the day for anyone. If she is in a bad mood the second she wakes up, then you are likely to have a tough morning ahead of you.

    Here are some fun ways to get her out of the front door without a fight.

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  • Use a child-centred alarm
    2 / 7 Use a child-centred alarm

    If your kid wakes up happy, then chances are she’ll stay that way for most of the morning. That’s why it makes sense to have a pleasant way of waking her.

    Don’t shout or bang on her door. Instead, use an alarm that will rouse her with the sounds of her choice, such as her favourite song. Smartphones let you download all sort of fun ringtones, which can be synchronised with the alarm.

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  • Allow food choices at breakfast
    3 / 7 Allow food choices at breakfast

    The first meal of the day is more fun when it’s not the same old thing every morning, so prepare a range of cereals that she can choose from.

    She likes variety, and especially enjoys the responsibility of picking the dish that she’ll eat. Having selected her food herself, she’s much more likely to feel relaxed and cooperative. That helps the day get off to a good start. And sometimes, she’ll prefer you to decide for her.

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  • Prepare everything in advance
    4 / 7 Prepare everything in advance

    Having her clothes laid out the night before and her school bag packed and ready, reduces the stress of a morning start. No more scurrying about furiously for that missing school diary, or last-minute scrambling to find her homework.

    You’ll find that there seems to be a lot more time available than you previously thought, so you can spend longer together at breakfast, and have a more relaxed departure for school. Good preparation is an effective stress-remover.

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  • Vary her school route
    5 / 7 Vary her school route

    Sure, it’s probably easier if you drive her to school the same way every morning, or if you take the same bus every time. But that can become boring – just like you, your child gets fed up taking the same transport and the same route. So, add an element of fun by providing variety.

    Walk her to school instead of driving her there, or cut through the park instead of taking the more direct urban route. She enjoys change like that, and she’ll be more enthusiastic going out the front door.

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  • Provide a reward for good behaviour
    6 / 7 Provide a reward for good behaviour

    Tell your kid that she’ll get a special treat if she gets ready in the morning without a complaint. Of course, you can’t – and shouldn’t – do this every day, but an occasional incentive adds fun to her daily routine.

    You may be surprised at how perky she is the next morning as she prepares to leave for school. Use a reward that interests her, such as an extra few minutes before bedtime, or watching her favourite Youtube show.

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  • Be in a fun-loving mood yourself
    7 / 7 Be in a fun-loving mood yourself

    The constant battles to get your young one out in the mornings might make you feel worn out and grumpy from the moment you wake up. It’s almost as if you have become conditioned to be in a bad mood when you wake up as a result of your child’s complaining.

    It’s time to break that pattern. Tomorrow morning, be relaxed and happy. Take time to chat to your kid and respond pleasantly to her. Your happy-go-lucky attitude may well rub off on her.

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