Fear of dentist: How to help your child overcome it

By Anita Yee   — June 21, 2016
  • Dentists mean well
    1 / 6 Dentists mean well

    If your child had a bad first experience at the dentist’s, these tips should help ease your child’s subsequent visits. “I can assure parents that all dentists mean well when they attend to your child,” says Dr Rashid Tahir, a paediatric dentist at The Kids Dentist.  

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  • If first you don't succeed...
    2 / 6 If first you don't succeed...

    The first dental visit and its accompanying procedures may be difficult for young minds to understand and accept. Because your kid is traumatised from the experience, don’t attempt another visit immediately after. 

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  • ... wait a week
    3 / 6 ... wait a week

    Even if she is in need of treatment, wait about a week or so. Give her time to recover emotionally. 

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  • Make dental visits exciting
    4 / 6 Make dental visits exciting

    Read books about a visit to the dentist and create excitement about the next appointment, not anxiety. 

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  • Support your dentist's efforts
    5 / 6 Support your dentist's efforts

    Inform the dentist of your child’s previous experience and be supportive of his efforts to help him. 

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  • Get familiar with dental setting
    6 / 6 Get familiar with dental setting

    Very often, the dentist will want to make that visit easy and familiarise her with the dental setting before planning the next stage of treatment. 

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