How to buy a kid’s bed: 5 things to consider

By Anita Yee   — August 16, 2016
  • 1. Make her room look enticing
    1 / 5 1. Make her room look enticing

    Your little one has been sleeping in your bedroom since birth, but she’s old enough to have her own room now. Here are a few ideas to make the transition stress-free and fun.

    The room should be a place she loves spending time in.

    Ho Shee Wai, psychologist and director of The Counselling Place, suggests incorporating your child’s favourite cartoon characters and objects into the decor.

    Also make sure that her favourite security blanket or toy is within reach on her new bed.

    If you get her involved when preparing the space and choosing the furniture, she may be even more eager to sleep there.

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  • 2. Safety first
    2 / 5 2. Safety first

    If she can climb into and out of beds with minimal effort, make sure her bed has an opening on the side, says Dr Lim Kai Hung, family physician at Lifescan Medical Centre.

    If it doesn’t, she risks falling as she climbs over the guard rail. 

    “You should also install window grilles or window locks,” he adds. “Be sure to child-proof all sharp edges in the room, and don’t forget a child monitor, and a night light for better visibility in the dark.”

    Avoid placing objects with sharp corners in the room, and anything that lights up or makes a sound when touched, as these may disrupt your child’s sleep.


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  • 3. Discuss the move as an exciting change
    3 / 5 3. Discuss the move as an exciting change

    Tell her that because she’s a “big girl” now, she’s ready for her own room.

    Shee Wai says to coincide the move with a significant event, like her birthday or the first day of school, so that it makes sense to her.

    “If she’s moving to her own room because she has a new sibling on the way, make sure the move happens way before the baby’s arrival so that there’s no resentment on her part. And don’t link the move to the new baby,” she adds.

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  • 4. Slow is the way to go
    4 / 5 4. Slow is the way to go

    The transition should be gradual.

    A way to do this is to pick certain days for her to sleep in the room and reward her when she does it.

    You can also have her take naps in the room during the day before she moves in, adds Shee Wai.

    The trick is to get her used to the idea of sleeping alone.


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  • 5. Start a pre-bedtime ritual
    5 / 5 5. Start a pre-bedtime ritual

    To make bedtime less of a hassle, Shee Wai suggests establishing a routine.

    “It could start with a warm bath, followed by a bedtime story,” she states.

    “Then have her put her toys to ‘sleep’ before tucking her in. Place a chair next to her bed and sit with her. Reassure her that you will be there until she falls asleep.”

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