How to find and grow your child’s talents

By Hannah   — December 11, 2016
  • How to discover your child's talents
    1 / 4 How to discover your child's talents

    Observe and listen to your child. It is also important to speak to her teachers for feedback.

    What are your kid’s natural abilities, and how does she perform in these areas? Does she spend time on these activities on her own accord?

    For example, if she spends time doodling and drawing, and her pictures are very detailed compared to those of her peers, she may have a gift for art.

    Instead of imposing your expectations on her, allow her to explore her interest freely. Expose her to different learning experiences while observing her development.

    Here are some ways you can help reinforce her confidence, says Rhonda Ng, director of Carpe Diem.

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  • A conducive environment is essential
    2 / 4 A conducive environment is essential

    Create a conducive environment and support her with proper resources. Encourage her to have fun.

    Celebrate her efforts – don’t focus on her inabilities or failures.

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  • Master the basics first
    3 / 4 Master the basics first

    Challenge her to tackle a more difficult activity only when you feel she has mastered the basics.

    Make your child feel that she is loved unconditionally, and not because of what she can do. This emotional fortitude will help inculcate an “I can do it!” spirit.

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  • Children learn better if they are interested
    4 / 4 Children learn better if they are interested

    Remember that she learns best if she is interested, adds Rhonda.

    Take her to the library and read up together on famous artists. Find out their painting styles and techniques, but allow her to assess and derive her own interpretations.

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