Lazy kid won’t brush teeth: what you can do

By Anita Yee   — June 15, 2016
  • Too lazy, too tired
    1 / 7 Too lazy, too tired

    Does your child brush her teeth only if you threaten to punish her? 

    “Kids are often ‘lazy’ to do so because they are too tired,” says Dr Rashid Tahir, a paediatric dentist at The Kids Dentist.

    He shares tips to help you avoid this daily battle.

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  • Don't wait till he is sleepy
    2 / 7 Don't wait till he is sleepy

    In the evening, ask your child to brush well before his bedtime when you know he has finished all his food and drink. 

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  • Breakfast is served
    3 / 7 Breakfast is served

    In the mornings, it is acceptable to brush teeth after breakfast, when he is fully awake.

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  • Go shopping
    4 / 7 Go shopping

    Allow him to choose an age-appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste with designs and flavours that he likes.

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  • Make it a fun routine
    5 / 7 Make it a fun routine

    You can sing songs and count the strokes as he brushes his teeth. 

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  • Supervise Junior until he's seven
    6 / 7 Supervise Junior until he's seven

    Kids above age five may also be motivated to brush when using a battery-operated toothbrush. But don’t forget that you should help clean his teeth thoroughly until he’s seven. 


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  • Turn toothbrushing into a game
    7 / 7 Turn toothbrushing into a game

    There are now many apps for smartphones and tablets that can help motivate a reluctant child.

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