4 skills your kid needs to ace Primary 1 Chinese

June 26, 2019
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    As your child goes to Primary 1, there are four important skills that he must have, in order for learning Chinese to be smooth and effective.

    Here’s how you can help him, the Mindchamps Curriculum and Training department suggests.

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  • Listening skills
    2 / 5 Listening skills

    By the end of his preschool years, your child must be able to understand the gist of a conversation. When reading children’s short stories, he should be able to understand not just the contents, but also emotions portrayed. He should also be able to distinguish different reading tones. It’s important that he has the ability to focus and exercise patience while listening to others.

    How you can help: Encourage him to listen to Mandarin nursery rhymes and songs, and watch Mandarin educational programmes.

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  • Conversational skills
    3 / 5 Conversational skills

    Your child should be able to converse and interact in Mandarin confidently with peers and teachers. He should be able to read rhymes and poems out loud using the correct tones, and compose simple stories and rhymes on his own. This also includes using various words and complete sentences when narrating a story or expressing ideas.

    How you can help: Get at least one family member to speak and interact with him in Mandarin.

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  • Reading skills
    4 / 5 Reading skills

    He should be interested in reading and able to read a simple Chinese storybook independently. He recognises basic Chinese character radicals, Chinese characters, words and simple sentences. He also reads hanyu pinyin and can discern the different tones.

    How you can help: Get at least one family member to speak and interact with him in Mandarin. Read at least one Chinese storybook to him every day.

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  • Writing skills
    5 / 5 Writing skills

    By now, he has the ability to accurately write the basic strokes in Chinese characters, as well as his Chinese name. He can also recognise the character structure of common characters, and write simple Chinese characters, words and sentences using the correct stroke sequence.

    How you can help: Use interesting ways and materials to improve writing skills.

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