5 things you need to know about the new Brainy Arkies maths app

By Lynn Wee   — November 15, 2016
  • Making maths fun
    1 / 5 Making maths fun

    Launched by Marshall Cavendish Education, Brainy Arkies is pitched as an interactive maths resource for children in Primary 1 to 4.

    To be used as a supplement, it makes learning maths fun with its game-based approach. 

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  • Over 12,000 questions
    2 / 5 Over 12,000 questions

    The app is aligned to the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s mathematics syllabus, and contains over 12,000 assessment questions written by a pool of qualified teachers to cover every learning objective. 

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  • It has a interactive virtual environment
    3 / 5 It has a interactive virtual environment

    Children solve quizzes in order to train their in-app characters, called Arkies, and level up. 

    The difficulty level changes according to your child’s learning progress and abilities. 

    There will also be guided solutions (pictured) and detailed explanations such as instructional video tutorials when they are not able to solve a question. 

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  • Parental controls
    4 / 5 Parental controls

    Parents can use the diagnostic tools to pinpoint areas and topics that their children are struggling with, and then add more assessments of that particular topic. You can also add more than one child. 

    You can also view a comprehensive report of your child’s progress on your smart devices.  

    Other parental controls include the study mode setting. When turned on, kids can only do the quizzes without accessing the game mode. 

    Parents can toggle between ‘quiz’ mode and ‘drill and practice’ mode – the former displays solutions after the entire quiz is completed, while the latter shows the answers immediately after each question.

    There is also a play-time limit setting, which allows you limit screen time. 

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  • Free trial for 14 days
    5 / 5 Free trial for 14 days

    Brainy Arkies is now available on Google Play and the App store

    You enjoy full access to all features for the first 14 days from the initial download. After that, pay to access the diagnostic reports, multimedia worked solutions, exam format questions and e-learning content. 

    Subscription costs $9.98 for one month, $41.98 for six months, and $71.98 for 12 months. 

    Find out more about the app here  

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