5 things you need to know about the new science programme at Kinderland preschool

January 09, 2017
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    You’re never too young to learn about science and technology, Kinderland preschool believes. 

    With that philosophy in mind, it rolled out a pilot programme at its Yio Chu Kang’s called STREAM Through Nature in April 2016. 

    Billed as the first of its kind in Singapore, it introduces preschoolers to STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – through projects that explore water and motion (Science), using computers and iPads to do research (Technology), investigating how things should be done in a certain way (Engineering), as well as measuring and counting (Math). 

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  • Projects are created using recycled materials
    2 / 5 Projects are created using recycled materials

    When Young Parents visited the 50,000 sq ft campus, we were wowed by the three projects done by the little ones using recycled materials – a conveyer belt, water wheel maze (pictured above) and marble maze.

    Children are involved in a project from the start – conceptualising, making predictions and generating explanations, constructing and assembling prototypes, and applying what they’ve learnt. 

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  • Students learn through trial and error
    3 / 5 Students learn through trial and error

    Students also learn through trial and error. For example, they were unable to move the conveyor belt initially but after trying and testing out different materials, they managed to get it to work (pictured above), shares Ms Ashikin Salehan, the curriculum executive of Kinderland. 

    Through this, the school aims to develop children’s analytical and creative skills while honing their technical and practical skills at the same time. 

    There will be a total of six hands-on project work performed in teams of five to six K2 children, across two terms, and parents are kept up to date of their child’s developmental stages with a checklist provided at the end of each project. 

    There are plans for the programme to be extended to the other Kinderland branches in 2017 but exact dates are not available during press time. 

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  • Children serve themselves during meal times
    4 / 5 Children serve themselves during meal times

    Besides the new programme, the school’s cafeteria was also revamped to include a counter for children to serve themselves during meal times, much like Japanese children. 

    Kids are encouraged to clean their tables and return the trays themselves while two children are assigned as helpers to set up the dining area for their peers. 

    This develops their independence and life skills. 

    Students in kindergarten levels started this routine in April 2016 while the younger kids will begin in term two this year. 

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  • Fee structure
    5 / 5 Fee structure

    Due to the wide landscape and new programmes added to the curriculum, the school fee costs more than the other Kinderland branches. 

    The half-day programme costs $1,910 per term of 10 weeks for a kindergartener while the full-day childcare programme costs $1,600 per month. Fees are before GST and government subsidy. 

    Watch our video of the kids in school here.

    Find out more http://kinderland.com.sg/

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