6 steps to help your kid score in Primary 1 English

April 27, 2018
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    Starting primary school can be a daunting milestone in your child’s educational journey, especially when it comes to tackling all the weekly spelling tests and graded assessments in English.

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    Helen Marjan, director of Studies at Lorna Whiston, shows you  how you can support your child when it comes to the English language:

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  • Give lots of encouragement
    3 / 8 Give lots of encouragement

    Moving from kindergarten to primary school is a big transition, so she needs a lot of reassurance. Let her know how well she is doing – it not only helps boost her confidence, but also enables her to successfully deal with new challenges.

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  • Help with reading
    4 / 8 Help with reading

    Research shows that reading a little every day is the single most important thing a parent can do to support and advance a child’s education.

    To implement this successfully, it is important to remember that reading should be a fun experience for you and her. Books also provide an ideal opportunity to discuss themes and new ideas, which, in turn, will help develop a strong vocabulary base.

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  • Practise writing
    5 / 8 Practise writing

    Inspire your child to write at home. She can use different coloured pencils, gel pens and markers. Make it fun – write stories with pictures, a poem, or start a journal.

    Let her express herself in a supportive and nurturing environment. She will become more confident in conveying her thoughts and ideas, as well as develop her handwriting.

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  • Talk it out
    6 / 8 Talk it out

    Ask your kid lots of questions at home, not just about what she has done at school, but about her feelings and opinions, too. Instead of “closed” questions, ask those that require complete, meaningful responses.

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    Speaking and listening play a major role in educational success as your child should demonstrate proficiency in these areas. By initiating discussions and hearing adults model the language, she will pick up the oral skills required to do well.

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  • Establish good homework habits
    7 / 8 Establish good homework habits

    Help your young one with her English homework by deciding on a special place to study, establishing a regular time for homework, and eliminating distractions such as the TV or iPad. Monitor her homework to make sure it is completed, and praise her efforts for doing so.

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  • Get organised
    8 / 8 Get organised

    Children learn better when they can manage their own things, as they feel more competent and confident. Encourage her to get her bag ready the night before and have her books and belongings organised properly. Introducing a list may also help.

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