10 activities that boost your child’s creativity

March 23, 2018
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    Children are creative and as a parent, your role is to carefully nurture that creativity.

    Dr Henry Toi from Mulberry Learning Centre recommends some activities you can do with your little ones to boost their creativity.

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  • Think up stories
    2 / 11 Think up stories

    Put a few items together and, with your child, create a story around them. The story does not have to be logical. Avoid dominating and correcting her. Let her imagination lead you instead.

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  • Cook and bake together
    3 / 11 Cook and bake together

    Some of the most exciting human expressions involve food. Just look at the endless creativity of top chefs. Depending on your child’s age, she can help arrange cooked food or make a new type of sandwich.

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  • Do art and crafts
    4 / 11 Do art and crafts

    Try not to impose on her your limited view of how the world should be. For example, if she coloured his apple blue, instead of saying, “That’s not right”, say “That’s interesting, I have never thought of a blue apple. Why did you colour it blue?” Accept the answer without criticising her.

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  • Incorporate colours
    5 / 11 Incorporate colours

    Encourage her to use colours in her writing or counting. It is one of the simplest tools for inspiring creativity.

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  • Classify things
    6 / 11 Classify things

    If you have a bag of animal toys, challenge her to organise them into as many different groups as possible – for example, four-legged, two-legged, and no legs. Try also groups with different habitats, among others.

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  • Develop different points of view
    7 / 11 Develop different points of view

    This is best done during storytelling. During or after, ask her how a character might feel. This also helps develop empathy.

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  • Use common household items
    8 / 11 Use common household items

    Pick a clothes hanger or a pair of socks, and ask her to suggest other creative ways to make use of them.

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  • Invent silly things
    9 / 11 Invent silly things

    Let your imagination run wild. Draw it out, record it and perhaps one day, it might be on the market!

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  • Retell stories
    10 / 11 Retell stories

    After reading a story, ask her how she would rewrite the story or even change the ending.

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  • Explore other creative outlets
    11 / 11 Explore other creative outlets

    Create a music band with items found in the house. Create a funny dance move. You can even design a dream car together.

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