Best websites with free activities for kids you must bookmark

May 29, 2020
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    From offering tips on drawing to craft activities and taking virtual tours around Singapore and beyond, here are some of the best websites with free activities to keep your children engaged when they have to stay indoors.

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  • Gardens by the Bay
    2 / 8 Gardens by the Bay

    Gardens by the Bay has free printable activity sheets to keep your kids busy at home. From making 3D paper tulips and orchirds to colouring fun, there’s plenty to choose from. You can also play them videos featuring its team of horticulturalists showcasing parts of the Gardens, and e-mail questions to the Plant Doctor. Check out the link here.

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  • National Heritage Board
    3 / 8 National Heritage Board

    Show your kids playgrounds of the past, go on heritage trails and visit museums – from your screen. These precious photos, videos and publications are put together by the National Heritage Board. Check out the link here.

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  • Adobe and Time magazine
    4 / 8 Adobe and Time magazine

    Do your kids love to draw? Adobe and Time magazine have collaborated on an online art lesson series. Each weekly episode includes a new drawing assignment and participants get to vote on the following week’s assignment. Best for kids up to eight years old. Check out the link here.

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  • Porsche Museum
    5 / 8 Porsche Museum

    If your kids are crazy about cars, this website by automaker Porsche is perfect for them. You can also find a wide selection of child-friendly games and activities for free. Check out the link here.

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  • Google Arts & Culture
    6 / 8 Google Arts & Culture

    This is an educational website with fun facts, awesome activities and surprising stories for families to explore together. Visit museums, learn simple recipes and discover the great masters of the art world. Best for ages eight and up. Check out the link here.

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  • National Geographic Society
    7 / 8 National Geographic Society

    The National Geographic Society has made available for free a number of resources and visuals, including its daily Explorer Classrooms live broadcasts, for young people to hear National Geographic Explorers talk about their expeditions. There are also educator-curated collections of learning activities and a resource library with lessons, videos and articles. Best for ages three to 17. Check out the link here.


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  • Spotify
    8 / 8 Spotify

    Music streaming service Spotify has curated a list of songs and podcasts that parents have been playing to keep their children occupied under the list, “Here’s What Parents Around the World Have Been Playing for Their Kids at Home”. It is sorted according to age range three to 15. Check out the link here.

    A version of this article first appeared on; additional reporting by Young Parents.

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