Top bilingual preschools in Singapore

May 03, 2019
  • Camberley Pre-School
    1 / 11 Camberley Pre-School

    At Camberley Pre-School, pupils start their mornings with both English and Chinese core curriculum lessons, followed by playtime in various play areas and learning corners. Those enrolled in the full-day programme will also enjoy fun enrichment programmes in Chinese culture, culinary lessons and the performing arts. The centres have cooking studios for the Camberley Gourmet programme, large playground structures, space for tricycle riding, and sensory gardens for children to cultivate and learn about plants.

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  • Carpe Diem Schoolhouse
    2 / 11 Carpe Diem Schoolhouse

    Carpe Diem Schoolhouse follows the Multiple Intelligences curriculum, which identifies eight areas that kids can excel in. Its centres have specially designed learning corners to expose your child to the natural sciences, music and art, and hone his physical and motor development, and linguistic skills. Lessons are held in both English and Mandarin, and enrichment courses are also available for an additional fee.

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  • Chiltern House Preschool
    3 / 11 Chiltern House Preschool

    Exploration and discovery are at the centre of Chiltern House Preschool’s Edudrama teaching philosophy. Classrooms have learning centres for language and literacy, reading, maths, art and crafts, science and drama, that are set up according to the theme of the week. Time is set aside each day for Mandarin as well as show-and-tell sessions, and specialist teachers from Julia Gabriel Centre visit once a week to conduct speech and drama, and music sessions. 

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  • Elfa Preschool and Childcare
    4 / 11 Elfa Preschool and Childcare

    Don’t be surprised if Junior comes home reciting Chinese poetry. As part of the Chinese curriculum at Elfa Preschool and Childcare, teachers take a story-based approach, using Chinese children’s literature to develop their aural, oral, reading and writing skills.

    Chinese maths is also included in the core curriculum. The English curriculum emphasises language and literacy, numeracy, creativity, as well as physical, social-emotional and environmental awareness. 

    Your preschooler will also learn the basics of music theory, thanks to the Elfa Pianica Music Course, and its centres have dedicated art rooms and assembly areas for dance and movement. 

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  • Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Pre-School
    5 / 11 Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Pre-School

    Give Junior a strong start in Chinese by enrolling him in the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Pre-School, where Mandarin makes up 80 per cent of daily conversations and lessons – including the mathematics and discovery science ones. Other lessons include music-and-movement with wushu dance, art and music. 

    But fret not about his English fluency; he’ll still have English lessons every day that include listening, speaking, reading and writing components. To prepare for Primary 1, K2 kids shift to a curriculum that is 60 per cent English and are also introduced to spelling. 

    Parents who want to be more involved are encouraged to participate in holiday celebrations at school, and can join the parent-volunteer group to help prepare fun extra activities for the children. The school enrols kids from three to six years old.

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  • Little Skool-House International
    6 / 11 Little Skool-House International

    The Little Skool-House International has a literacy-based curriculum, with lessons held in both English and Chinese. Teachers use a guided reading programme to teach children how to read and write with the aim of being able to switch smoothly between the two languages. 

    Lessons for kids below three years old revolve around four broad themes – activities and experiences, language and literacy, routines, and interactions and relationships – and adapt as children respond to them. Lessons for those aged four to six are based on a thematic model. Enrichment – visual and performing arts, and sports – is also included in the school fees. All its centres enrol those from ages 18 months to six years old; selected centres also accept infants as young as two months old. 

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  • Maple Bear Singapore
    7 / 11 Maple Bear Singapore

    Lessons at Maple Bear Bilingual Immersion are lively, thanks to the teachers who use music, props, dramatisation and storytelling to engage children. And as the preschool’s name suggests, students are surrounded by both Chinese and English – each class is assigned a second-language teacher and kids learn in both languages from the first day. 

    Its centres have both indoor and outdoor play areas, spaces for sand and water play, book corners, and dining areas for mealtime and cooking sessions. Pupils aged 18 months to six years old in the full-day programme also enjoy afternoon enrichment courses, including music and sports. 

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  • Mindchamps Preschool
    8 / 11 Mindchamps Preschool

    With a proprietary academic curriculum based on research in early childhood education, child psychology, neuroscience and theatre, and 200 hours of mandatory teacher training, you know that your little one is in good hands with the professionals at Mindchamps PreschoolLessons include reading, writing, Chinese language, maths and science. Enrichment is also included in the school fees and range from music to physical education, theatre and food science.

    Its new Mindchamps Chinese Preschool follows the same curriculum as its English counterpart, but with Mandarin as the main language of instruction. In additional, it will offer a Chinese art and cultural appreciation programme, with Chinese painting, calligraphy and more. 

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  • Odyssey, The Global Preschool
    9 / 11 Odyssey, The Global Preschool

    A Reggio-inspired piazza, al fresco dining area, atelier for creative and visual art session, a child-sized kitchenette for cooking-prep experiences and outdoor areas – Odyssey, The Global Preschool has everything your youngster needs during her preschool years. 

    Lessons span project work, literacy, maths inquiry, Chinese language immersion, art, music, fitness and more. Its teacher-student ratio is also kept to below 1:10, and all classes have three teachers – a curriculum specialist, an English teacher, and a Chinese Language teacher. 

    But not all learning is done within the classroom, so kids are given regular time outdoors where there are additional learning centres. Enrichment is included in the regular curriculum and includes Art Odyssey, Music Odyssey, Little Chef, Outdoor Learning Experiences and Kinderpreneurship.

    Your little one will get hands-on with outdoor landscaping, architecture and design, gardening, map-making, book-making, photography and even using technology such as Garageband and Photoshop.

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  • Pat's Schoolhouse
    10 / 11 Pat's Schoolhouse

    English and Chinese teachers team up to create a full bilingual immersion experience at Pat’s Schoolhouse, which means children are exposed to both languages during lessons, as well as routine interaction and conversation. Its curriculum covers art, history, literature, the natural sciences, maths and more.

    Lessons are delivered using a thematic approach, so kids pick up communication and problem-solving skills, as well as academic knowledge in a natural setting. It also offers afternoon enrichment programmes such as Chinese speech and drama, maths in Mandarin, music and sports, so that weekends can be used for family time.

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  • Star Learners Child Care
    11 / 11 Star Learners Child Care

    The curriculum at Star Learners Child Care Centres is both play- and literature-based, where kids are immersed in a literary environment while learning through play. They are encouraged to create their own stories as part of its Write a Rainbow Creative Writing Programme. 

    Your child will keep fit and healthy as he learns the fundamentals of different sports in a fun non-competitive setting, thanks to the Ready Steady Go Kids Multi-Sport Programme. And its Stanley Starfish Character Programme helps build good character, social and emotional development. For an additional fee, you can also sign up for speech and drama (both English and Chinese), aikido, gym, art, piano, dance, abacus and IT enrichment courses. Its centres offer childcare as well as infant-care services. 

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