Montessori preschools in Singapore

June 22, 2016
  • Brighton Montessori
    1 / 10 Brighton Montessori

    Group lessons don’t always cater to every child in the class, which is why Brighton Montessori’s lesson plans are designed to give your little one control of her own progress.

    While working with Montessori materials, she’ll have one-to-one guidance from her teacher.

    During these sessions, her teacher will ensure that she has mastered the lesson’s concept before introducing a new one.

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  • Brighton Montessori
    2 / 10 Brighton Montessori

    As part of the primary school preparatory programme, K2 kids move into a formal classroom setting with group learning. They’ll also learn how to manage their own belongings and use money to pay for food during recess. For more information, visit here.   

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  • Josiah Montessori
    3 / 10 Josiah Montessori

    At Josiah Montessori, children are prepared for primary school both academically and developmentally.

    The curriculum includes maths, English, Chinese, culture, music and movement as well as art and crafts, with activities that range from group learning, board work, projects to assessments. 

    Daily routines also include practical life exercises and sensorial activities to build up self-help skills that lead to independence, concentration and confidence.

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  • Josiah Montessori
    4 / 10 Josiah Montessori

    The Suntec City Mall outlet also recently introduced Baby Sensory, an award-winning enrichment programme from the UK.

    Designed for newborns up to those aged three years old, the parent-accompanied sessions are filled with sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, dance, singing and massage activities that focus on your child’s development, as well as help you build a strong bond.

    Visit Josiah online

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  • Pink Tower Montessori
    5 / 10 Pink Tower Montessori

    In line with the Montessori method that allows children to learn at their own speed, teachers at Pink Tower Montessori create weekly lesson plans for each kid based on his progress. 

    Lessons cover subjects ranging from language, maths and sciences to art, cooking and geography, to give children a well-rounded education.

    Five- and six-year-olds also enter a Primary School Preparatory programme to facilitate a smooth transition into formal classroom settings.

    The centre enrols children from 18 months to six years old. 

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  • Rosy Hearts Babies
    6 / 10 Rosy Hearts Babies

    Rosy Hearts Babies believes that kids learn best when they feel happy and at home, which is why it provides only small-group and personalised care.

    The teacher-student ratio is capped at 1:8, and full-day, half-day and flexi-care programmes are available. 

    Lessons combine the Montessori curriculum with a project-based approach.

    Your child will be guided from simple-to-complex and concrete-to-abstract concepts, while exploring various themes.

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  • Rosy Hearts Babies
    7 / 10 Rosy Hearts Babies

    Located in a pair of semi-detached houses, the centre’s facilities include an outdoor field, sand and water play areas and a gardening pit.

    Additional enrichment in art, speech and drama, and hanyu pinyin are also offered. For more information, visit here.  

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  • Tulip Montessori
    8 / 10 Tulip Montessori

    Independence plays a big role at Tulip Montessori. When kids arrive in school, they sort out their own belongings. Following circle time in the morning, they work with Montessori materials individually, while teachers circulate the room, offering help only when needed. After a group music-and-movement session, there is snack time, and then the kids clear up their belongings and head home.


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  • Tulip Montessori
    9 / 10 Tulip Montessori

    The centre offers sessions ranging from two to four hours. Extra enrichment for phonics, maths, Chinese and Hindi languages, speech and drama, and creative art is also available. Read more here.


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  • Twinkle Stars Montessori
    10 / 10 Twinkle Stars Montessori

    While some schools modify the Montessori method by grouping kids by age, Twinkle Stars Montessori uses the mixed-age grouping system, meaning your child spends her day with others who are in the same developmental level as she is, regardless of age. 

    Lower-level children enjoy an unstructured and child-directed classroom setting, with teachers introducing lessons at the kids’ pace.

    And as your little one progresses, she’ll slowly transition to a more structured, worksheet-based and teacher-directed setting in preparation for primary school. 

    Its daily Chinese classes, as well as science, geography, history and art lessons, are taught by subject-specific teachers, so the kids get to know all of them.

    The preschool enrols three- to six-year-olds.


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