Is my child’s teacher doing a good job?

By Stephanie Yeo   — November 22, 2016
  • How to tell?
    1 / 4 How to tell?

    With education a priority for Singapore parents, mums and dads are naturally concerned about how effective their child’s preschool teacher is.

    Is there a way to tell?

    Young Parents asked June Rusdon, the chief executive officer of Busy Bees Asia, which owns major childcare brands such as Learning Vision, Pat’s Schoolhouse, Brighton Montessori, Odyssey and Small Wonder.

    This is what she said.

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  • Parents now well-informed
    2 / 4 Parents now well-informed

    “It is now more common to see well- informed parents – thanks to the Internet – judging and demanding that their child’s teachers do certain things in a certain way,” June says.

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  • Don’t compare
    3 / 4 Don’t compare

    “You must understand that every kid is unique. Don’t compare the progress of one child to another, or make a request for specific academic outcomes, because it regresses the plan that teachers put in place,” she adds.

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  • Trust the teacher
    4 / 4 Trust the teacher


    “More often than not, teachers tailor a style of teaching suited to your child. Trust them to do the very job they are trained in, much as you would trust your doctor, lawyer or similar professionals,” she says.

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