Review: subscription boxes for kids in Singapore

By Stephanie Yeo   — November 20, 2016
  • Ages 1 to 4
    1 / 2 Ages 1 to 4


    What you get monthly: The box for one-year-olds includes toys for sensory play and motor skills development. Boxes for older tots contain learning-driven activity sheets, two craft projects, a toy construction set and a badge.

    How it works: Each month has a different theme. For kids aged two to four, the contents are more focused on language skills, with flash cards and colouring and/or writing worksheets. For instance, an animal-themed box for two-year-olds had picture cards, colouring exercises and craft projects to learn words that start with A and B, like alligators and bats.

    Cost: From $25.90 for a one-off trial box for one-year-olds to $286.80 for a one-year pre-paid subscription.

    Delivery: Free every 15th of the month via courier, with two time slots: 9am-3pm; after 3pm. There’s also a one-time free redelivery option.

    Our verdict: The crafts in the box for three-year-olds were simply adorable. However, there should be better quality control of the materials; one of the paints had dried up. And you are expected to already own basic supplies like glue.

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  • Ages 3 to 7
    2 / 2 Ages 3 to 7


    What you get monthly: Materials for two craft projects, activity suggestions for parents to engage their children with, and a reward badge for completed activities.

    How it works: Each box has a different theme. For instance, My Sweet Dreams box lets your child stitch and stuff a teddy bear with a plastic needle, and weave a dream catcher. The activity sheet follows the theme, with things like a bedtime checklist and a sheep-counting exercise.

    Cost: From $84.90 for a three-month subscription. Single boxes are $28.90 each.

    Delivery: Free via Singpost standard mail. The package will not fit in the letterbox, so if you miss a delivery, you’ll need to arrange a one-time free redelivery or self-collect from a designated post office. Or you can opt for registered mail or courier service for an additional fee.

    Our verdict: The craft projects were fun – and a great family activity. However, supplies should be better scrutinised before shipping. We were dismayed when the yarn for the teddy bear split before we were even half done. 

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    A version of this article first appeared in Simply Her.

    (Photos: Simply Her)


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