10 ways to prepare your child for Primary 1

July 10, 2019
  • Get her excited
    1 / 10 Get her excited

    She should be excited – it’s a new chapter of her life. Talk about your experiences at school, including the friends, games, challenges, and more.

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  • Dress her up in her uniform
    2 / 10 Dress her up in her uniform

    Snap photos of her in her uniform and PE attire, and compare them to yours and other family members’. You can even take out the photo books and chat with her about then and now, or play spot the differences.

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  • Get her to dress herself from start to end
    3 / 10 Get her to dress herself from start to end

    Challenge her to get dressed within a set time. Involve her in laundry especially folding, as she has to fold and keep her uniform when changing into PE attire is required.

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  • Make buying new stationery fun
    4 / 10 Make buying new stationery fun

    Don’t buy only the fanciest items in case anything gets lost. Emphasise to her, too, that she must be responsible for her belongings. Try not to go the other end either; you don’t want her to cultivate the habit of simply replacing items “since they are cheap enough”.

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  • Make friends
    5 / 10 Make friends

    Both children and parents should try to make new friends on orientation day. Plan a play date to start the friendship ball rolling. When school starts, try to know all (if possible) her classmates. Befriend the teacher(s) so that you can impress on your child about seeking out the teachers’ help if she needs.

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  • Allow your child to decide what to eat
    6 / 10 Allow your child to decide what to eat

    Guide her to order, pay and carry her food back to the table. This will prep her for recess. Teach her to make good food choices, to return the tray to the correct station, to count the change and to keep her money properly. If there’s any spillage, she should clean it up herself and not expect someone else to do it for her.

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  • Encourage her to reduce food wastage
    7 / 10 Encourage her to reduce food wastage

    Ask her to consider how much is sufficient when sharing with classmates, for instance. Also, what she can do if she or a friend has diet restrictions.

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  • Role-play difficult situations
    8 / 10 Role-play difficult situations

    These can include bullying, refusal of friendship, teasing others, among others. Also teach her to distinguish between acceptable conversations and those that are not, as well as responding to strangers.

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  • Speak with her about emergency contacts
    9 / 10 Speak with her about emergency contacts

    She should know your phone numbers and addresses. Remind her about who can have this information and who should not, and which situations are appropriate to share this information.

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  • Teach her about time
    10 / 10 Teach her about time

    Do this through games and her daily routine. Share the importance of keeping time, but not to become a slave to time.

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