10 best party outfit for kids in Singapore

By Lynn Wee   — November 24, 2016
  • Dress to impress
    1 / 6 Dress to impress

    Left Wool coat, $150, from Cos. Cotton Cactus garden dress, $69.90, from Gingersnaps. Cotton tulle skirt, $39.90, from Privikids. Polka-dot circus hat, $7.90, from Cotton On Kids. Glittery sandals, $68, from Privikids

    Centre Cotton Love sweatshirt, $39.90, from Mothercare. Wool knitted collar, $69.90, from Cos. Polyester metallic skirt with embellishments, $69, from Opps!. Headpiece, $7.90, and Pegasus sandals, $19.95, both from Cotton On Kids

    Right Wool sweatshirt, $69, from Cos. Cotton pants, $52.90, from Gingersnaps. Suede boat shoes, $34.95, from Cotton On Kids

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  • Let her shine
    2 / 6 Let her shine

    Tulle dress with sequins, $39.90, from H&M. Satin hairclip, $13.90, from Mothercare. Trainers, $44.95, from Cotton On Kids. Denim collar, stylist’s own

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  • Make her the stylish one
    3 / 6 Make her the stylish one

    Cotton Halle leotard, $24.95, and polyester tutu, $29.95, both from Cotton On Kids. Visor cap, $19, from Kookies+Milk. High-top shoes, $34.95, and printed socks, $44.95, both from Cotton On Kids

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  • Amp up the glamour
    4 / 6 Amp up the glamour

    Left Flannel shirt, $29.90, and cotton shorts, $14.90, both from Uniqlo. Wool knitted vest, $23.90, from Mothercare. Cotton bow tie, $8.90, from Gingersnaps. Canvas high-cut shoes, $49.90, from Privikids

    Right Cotton frilled sleeve top, $59, from Cos. Polyester floral skirt, $22.90, from Privikids. Ruffles collarpiece, $39, from Kookies+Milk. Synthetic leather boat shoes, $19.95, from Bata

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  • Have fun styling them
    5 / 6 Have fun styling them

    Left Wool knitted faux collar, $69, and wool knitwear, $79, both from Cos. Cotton tulle skirt, $39.90, from Privikids. Headband, $13.90, from Gingersnaps

    Right Cotton collared long-sleeved top, $69, from Cos. Polyester-wool blouse, $66.90, from Gingersnaps. Cotton leggings, $14.95, from Cotton On Kids. Headband, $14.90, from Gingersnaps. Floral brooch, $22, from Kookies+Milk 

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  • Without sacrificing comfort or fun
    6 / 6 Without sacrificing comfort or fun

    Oxford cotton shirt, bow tie and wool waistcoat (sold as a set), $69.90, from Mothercare. Cotton pants, $39.95, suede boat shoes, $34.95, and polka-dot circus hat, $7.90, all from Cotton On Kids

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    (Photos: Young Parents)

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