10 must-try stalls at the new hipster Yishun Park Hawker Centre

October 12, 2017
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    It’s only been 2 weeks since its opening, but Yishun Park Hawker Centre has already gained attention for the creative dishes that some new hawkers have come up with.

    Here are 10 dishes to look out for!

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  • 1. Happy panda set
    2 / 11 1. Happy panda set

    This Instagram-worthy vegetarian meal ($8.50) features a cute panda-shaped sushi rice.

    Complete with “ears”, “eyes” and “arms” made with seaweed.

    It comes with two types of vegetables or fruit, a mock meat, soup.

    You even get a choice of dessert, such as longan jelly or mango pudding.

    Choose from about 20 vegetables, fruit and mock meat, such as soya bean-based pork belly and crabstick.

    Pick from nine house-made dressings such as honey mustard and yuzu mint that are made with egg-free mayonnaise.

    Where: Yummy Salad House, #01-04

    (Photo: AsiaOne)

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  • 2. Har cheong gai rice set
    3 / 11 2. Har cheong gai rice set

    Can’t decide between prawn paste chicken (also commonly known by its Cantonese name har cheong kai) and chicken rice?

    You don’t have to at Ah Tan Wings!

    They combine both by serving the popular zichar dish in rice sets during lunchtime.

    Where: Ah Tan Wings, #01-40

    (Photo: AsiaOne)

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  • 3. Hakka tofu rice bowl
    4 / 11 3. Hakka tofu rice bowl

    Mr Lee Lock Teng, 24, is the owner of Ah Lock Tofu Dian

    He mashes up two traditonal dishes for his signature dish ($5.50).

    It’s a match made in heaven – fried Hakka tofu and Hakka lei cha fan (thunder tea rice)

    Each rice bowl has seven ingredients.

    Hakka tofu, tau kwa (fried soya bean puffs) stuffed with minced pork, seaweed, chillies, mani cai (a leaf used in lei cha fan), long beans and small tofu cubes.

    All encircling Japanese rice, topped with a piquant sambal mayonnaise.

    Where: Ah Lock Tofu Dian, #01-08

    (Photo: AsiaOne)

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  • 4. Chicken curry with baked golden roti prata
    5 / 11 4. Chicken curry with baked golden roti prata

    This mini pot of Thai-Indian curry ($5) is concocted with 11 ingredients

    Including mustard seed, lemongrass and onions.

    In the mildly spicy curry are a boneless chicken thigh, potatoes and a hard-boiled egg.

    Mop up the curry with a baked dome-shaped roti prata ($1) that is crisp and flaky.

    Or try a baked spring onion roti prata ($1.50).

    Where: Midas Every Touch Is Gold, #01-31

    (Photo: Instagram/niceornotah)

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  • 5. Nasi lemak ayam taliwang
    6 / 11 5. Nasi lemak ayam taliwang

    This Malay-Indonesian fusion dish ($5.50) features ayam taliwan.

    It’s an Indonesian-style grilled chicken that’s marinated with chillies, tomato and ginger.

    The succulent chicken leg is simmered in a wok of spices for an hour before being grilled.

    It is served with coconut-infused rice, ikan bilis, peanuts, tempeh and begedil (deep-fried potato patty).

    Where: Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang, #01-33

    (Photo: AsiaOne)

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  • 6. Premium fishball noodles
    7 / 11 6. Premium fishball noodles

    Where: Fishball Story, #01-27

    (Photo: Instagram/fishballstory)

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  • 7. Seafood white bee hoon
    8 / 11 7. Seafood white bee hoon

    Where: Xin Long Xing, Seafood White Bee Hoon & Stir Fry, #01-28

    (Photo: Instagram/johnoon)

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  • 8. Green tea and charcoal min chiang kueh
    9 / 11 8. Green tea and charcoal min chiang kueh

    Where: Munchi Min Chiang Kueh & Waffles, #01-43

    (Photo: Instagram/munchidelights)

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  • 9. Vegetarian 'chicken rice'
    10 / 11 9. Vegetarian 'chicken rice'

    Where: Ci Wen Vegetarian, #01-29

    (Photo: Instagram/ciwenvegetarianfood)

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  • 10. Pork belly with preserved vegetables claypot
    11 / 11 10. Pork belly with preserved vegetables claypot

    Where: 618 Claypot ,Claypot Cuisine, #01-24

    (Photo: Instagram/boonsim630)

    A version of this article first appeared on AsiaOne.

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