10 parks in Singapore that every family must visit in their lifetime

June 30, 2017
  • Zhenghua Nature Park
    1 / 10 Zhenghua Nature Park

    This nature park in Bukit Panjang skirts around the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and serves as its green buffer.

    Because of its link to the nature reserve and its diversity of plant life, the park attracts rich wildlife.

    Thirty-seven bird species have been spotted here, included the olive-backed sun bird, flameback woodpecker, pink-necked pigeon, greater racket-tailed drongo and long-tailed parakeet. Long-tailed macaques, squirrels and monitor lizards are other common sights.

    Where: Segar Road entrance (nearest LRT station is Segar or Fajar), Bangkit Road entrance (nearest LRT station is Bangkit), Chestnut Avenue entrance (bus numbers 700, 700A and 966)
    Lighting hours: 7pm to 7am

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  • Yishun Park
    2 / 10 Yishun Park

    Shortly after the launch of Pokemon Go in Singapore, this 13.9ha park made the news as a Pokemon hotspot and hundreds of people gathered there nightly to play the augmented reality game.

    The Pokemon fervour has since receded, but the park remains a favourite spot for residents nearby to exercise and relax.

    It has two children’s playgrounds, one which has a sand pit; an uncommon feature in new Singapore playgrounds.

    It also features fitness corners, an amphitheatre and a multi-purpose court.

    Built in the mid-1990s over an old rubber estate, the park is home to an array of tropical fruit trees such as durian, rambutan, jackfruit, star fruit, coconut and bread fruit.

    There is also the Dipterocarp Arboretum, or a living gallery of dipterocarps, which are a family of giant trees unique to tropical lowland rainforests.

    Where: A 15-minute walk from Yishun MRT station
    Park lighting hours: 7pm to 7am

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  • Tampines Eco Green
    3 / 10 Tampines Eco Green

    Opened in 2011, this ecopark is designed to look like a savannah, with various natural habitats such as marshlands, secondary forests and freshwater ponds.

    At 36ha, it is also home to more than 75 species of birds, 20 species of dragonflies, 35 species of butterflies and 32 species of spiders.

    It has many eco-friendly features including benches and signage made from recycled tree trunks.

    Three bird hides, created with recycled twigs and branches, are used to shield birdwatchers so they do not disturb the birds.

    Instead of a concrete footpath, the walking trails are covered with creeping grass. The park also features the first flush-free ecotoilet in public parks here. This converts human waste into compost using bacteria and wood shavings.

    Where: Alight at Tampines MRT station and walk 20 minutes to the park via Sun Plaza
    Park Lighting hours: No lighting after dark

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  • Sembawang Park
    4 / 10 Sembawang Park

    Tucked away in the northern corner of Singapore facing the Johor Straits, this park features one of the few remaining natural beaches in Singapore.

    The park, which is laid out on undulating terrain, also offers visitors a glimpse of Singapore’s colonial past.

    The Sembawang Naval Base was developed there by the British in the 1920s to 1930s. Some remnants from that era remain.

    For example, the walkways in the park are restored old pathways used during the British occupation.

    The Sembawang jetty was built by the British and later completed by the Japanese. It is now a favourite spot for anglers to hang out.

    Overlooking the jetty is Beaulieu House, built around 1910 as a private seaside retreat and later occupied by the British during the naval base years.

    It now houses a restaurant, which serves Chinese seafood, Western cuisine and local delights.

    In 2011, the 15ha park underwent an upgrading. New amenities include a promenade, a fitness area and barbecue pits.

    The old playground was replaced by a new one built in the form of a battleship, to tie in with the park’s past as a naval base.

    Where: At the end of Sembawang Road. It can be reached by bus number 882. The nearest MRT station is Sembawang
    Park lighting hours: 7pm to 7am

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  • Jurong Central Park
    5 / 10 Jurong Central Park

    Jurong Central Park brings a new twist to the board game experience.

    At its snakes and ladders playground, the pavement on the ground is marked with numbers and players move through the playground based on the number they “roll”.

    When players land on a ladder, they have to climb across an obstacle to a higher number. When they land on a “snake”, they have to go down a slide to a lower number.

    The first player to reach the number 100 wins.

    Meanwhile, the Ludo Garden features a life-sized Ludo board game and players act as the “pieces” that move around on the board.

    Instructions on how to play both games can be found at the park.

    Opened in 2007, Jurong Central Park was the first park here to have life-sized board game features.

    Nature lovers can also explore and discover the various types of aquatic plants, wildlife species and dragonflies that thrive in the ponds.

    Where: Jurong Central Park is situated across Boon Lay MRT station.
    Park lighting hours: 7pm to 7am

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  • Pasir Ris Town Park
    6 / 10 Pasir Ris Town Park

    A 3ha seawater fishing pond can be found at this park, which is full of mature shady trees.

    There are also smaller ponds for catching crabs and prawns. By the ponds are two bistro-bars and a halal seafood restaurant, Warong Kim’s Seafood, that are popular at night.

    The ponds and the restaurants were opened by D’Best Fishing in August 2014.

    Where: Opposite Pasir Ris MRT station
    Lighting hours: 7pm to 7am

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  • Chestnut Nature Park
    7 / 10 Chestnut Nature Park

    With the official opening of the northern section of the park yesterday, the mountain bike trail is now 8.2km.

    Chestnut Nature Park has expanded from 17ha to 81ha – equivalent to more than 110 football fields; making it the largest nature park in Singapore

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  • Coney Island Park
    8 / 10 Coney Island Park

    More than half the size of its eponymous New York cousin, this hipster-beloved destination is completely off the grid — perhaps the farthest away you’d be able to get from civilization on mainland Singapore.

    Even the signages and seats are made from Casuarina timber from uprooted treets in a bid to keep the island as untouched as possible.

    Do note, though, to bring along sufficient water and snacks to refuel, as there are no amenities on the island.

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  • Kent Ridge Park
    9 / 10 Kent Ridge Park

    The park witnessed one of Singapore’s most significant WWII battles, and visitors can drop by the nearby Reflections at Bukit Chandu museum to learn more about the nation’s history.

    Walk along the park’s Canopy Walk and let the hooting calls of the blue-collared kingfishers lead you to the rich wildlife.

    Once you reach the vantage point, take in magnificent views of Singapore’s offshore islands like Pulau Duran Darat.

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  • Ketam Mountain Bike Park
    10 / 10 Ketam Mountain Bike Park

    You need to catch a 10-minute ferry ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal to nearby Pulau Ubin, but it is well worth the effort, as you get to enjoy the island’s good food, rustic charm and, of course, the Ketam Mountain Bike Park that’s an Ubin hotspot even for non-bikers.

    For a post-hike indulgence, head to the seafood restaurant on the island, or fuel up with a cooling coconut.

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    This story first appeared in The Straits Times and The Singapore Women’s Weekly.

    (Photos: Singapore Press Holdings)

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