11 best travel apps for parents

November 27, 2016
  • Google Trip
    1 / 11 Google Trip

    Free from Google Play and App Store

    This app promises to be your all-in-one travel assistant. It automatically pulls everything from flight details to hotel reservations onto the app, and the information can even be saved for offline viewing. The app suggests activities, attractions and restaurants – including kid friendly ones – as well as essential destination information, in an easy-to-use, intuitive layout.

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  • Packpoint Packing for Sheraton
    2 / 11 Packpoint Packing for Sheraton

    Free with in-app purchases from Google Play and App Store

    Packing can be the toughest part of a trip when you have kids, but not with this app. It generates a packing list for you based on when you’ll be travelling, and collects weather data to make sure you pack the right clothes. You can also pick from a list of activities, such as hiking, to generate an even more specific list of things you may need. Simply touch to check off an item. If only getting the kids ready were this easy.

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  • Viator Tours & Activities
    3 / 11 Viator Tours & Activities

    Free from Google Play and App Store

    Save yourself the hassle of queuing with kids at major attractions to buy tickets – this app aggregates popular tourist spots around the world, letting you pick whatever you want. Photos aid you in choosing from various tours and packages, but the best thing about the app is that it allows you to buy attraction passes at a discounted rate.

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  • App in the AIr
    4 / 11 App in the AIr

    Free with in-app purchases from Google Play and App Store

    If you’re travelling to multiple destinations, keeping track of all your flight schedules can be a chore. This app promises to make everything easier. It takes note of all your travel details, from flight numbers to luggage belts to the waiting time at security and check-in counters. Plus, it notifies you when the boarding gates open, so you’ll never have to worry about missing another flight. It also shows Wi-Fi spots nearby, which makes staying connected much easier.

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  • Yuggler
    5 / 11 Yuggler

    Free with in-app purchases from App Store

    You won’t have to worry about finding activities suitable for Junior when you travel overseas. This app allows you to find child-friendly activities nearby, making sure there is always something for the little one to do. The search filter is comprehensive, letting you filter activities based on age group, gender of your child, prices, or whether it’s indoors or outdoors. You can even suggest other activities for future users to see. The app was useful when we searched Perth, Australia; and Miami, Florida, but it didn’t turn up suggestions for Phuket, Thailand. The guide for Singapore lists only the iconic dragon playground in Toa Payoh.

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  • Oanda Currency Converter
    6 / 11 Oanda Currency Converter

    Free from Google Play and App Store

    This not only shows the current exchange rate of major currencies, but it lists the typical credit card exchange rate as well, so you can decide on the most cost effective payment method.

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  • My Disney Experience
    7 / 11 My Disney Experience

    Free from Google Play and App Store

    Every child dreams of visiting Disneyland; this app makes that experience easier for you. It includes all the information you need, from operating hours to show times. If you get lost, the map function helps you find your way from one ride to another. You can also view the dining options at each park and make reservations while still in the queue for rides. Pick which rides to tackle first by looking at the waiting times and maximise your day there.

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  • Glympse: Share GPS Location
    8 / 11 Glympse: Share GPS Location

    Free from Google Play and App Store

    It’s tough travelling in a big group when everyone wants to do their own thing, but splitting up means someone may get lost. This app helps you stay in touch. Share your location with others in the group and be notified when they have viewed it, making it easier for everyone to follow their own itinerary while still being accounted for. You can also set a time window, so your location will disappear after, say, five minutes.

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  • Waze
    9 / 11 Waze

    Free from Google Play and App Store

    Driving in a foreign country can be confusing at times. This app doesn’t just feature a map of city roads, it includes updates such as accidents, heavy traffic and ongoing construction, so you can choose the best route. It also indicates the average driving speed, and you can submit tips and traffic updates, too.

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  • Goldieblox and the Movie Machine
    10 / 11 Goldieblox and the Movie Machine

    Free from App Store

    Let your little one’s imagination run wild with this app. Kids can customise each frame of animation, allowing them to create their very own GIFs. Easy to use, it’s best for ages five and up.

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  • Parcel of Courage
    11 / 11 Parcel of Courage

    Free from GooglePlay and App Store (Full paid version available for $3.44 on Google Play, and $4.48 on App Store)

    Teach your child the importance of family through this interactive storybook. He’ll need to complete activities and games before he can progress in the story, and these activities help to build on different learning skills, such as logic and memory. Best for ages six and up.

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