14 cutest Asian celebrity kids we can’t get enough of

October 04, 2017
  • Hey there cutie!
    1 / 15 Hey there cutie!

    One of the best parts of following your favourite celebs on social media is getting a glimpse into their daily lives, especially if they have kids.

    Who doesn’t love adorable celebrity kids?

    Stars like Jacelyn Tay and Edison Chen share their most intimate family moments, from snuggling in bed to read a book to birthday parties.

    Inheriting the good looking genes of their famous parents, these tiny tots have won the hearts of the world.

    Scroll through the gallery to see some of your favourite Asian celebs and their precious little ones.

    (Photo: Instagram/Fann Wong)

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  • Sui Tang
    2 / 15 Sui Tang

    The statuesque Taiwanese actress-model Sui Tang has an adorable baby girl, Lucy and a doe-eyed son, Max.

    Fun fact, Max was actually born in Singapore in 2015.

    His birth came eight months after her marriage to American Chinese businessman Tony Chia.

    (Photo: Instagram/Sui Tang)

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  • Dee Hsu
    3 / 15 Dee Hsu

    The witty host, best known for her hit variety show, ‘Here Comes Kangxi’, has three daughters Elly, 11, Lily, 9, and Alice, 5.

    To take care of and spend more time with her brood, the mother of three, gave up her hosting gig.

    (Photo: Instagram/Dee Hsu)

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  • Jacelyn Tay
    4 / 15 Jacelyn Tay

    With her flawless skin and toned figure, this reed slim actress doesn’t look a day over 30.

    These days, Jacelyn has been busy managing her holistic wellness centre, Body Inc. and is active on social media.

    The 41-year-old who is married to businessman, Brian Wong, has a 6-year-old son Xavier.

    (Photo: Instagram/Jacelyn Tay)

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  • Mike He
    5 / 15 Mike He

    The Taiwanese actor broke hearts worldwide when he announced his marriage to his high school sweetheart in June.

    The 33-year-old also surprised many when he revealed that he had a four-month-old daughter, affectionately known as “Meibao”.

    Mike recently shared a photo of him on Instagram reciting his script on the floor while his precious little one crawled over the sofa towards him.

    His squeal-worthy caption in Chinese loosely translates to, “Being able to read my script with my little lover is such a nice feeling. Meibao wishes you a Happy Valentine’s day! She is so cute, I’m melting”.

    (Photo: Instagram/Mike He)

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  • Edison Chen
    6 / 15 Edison Chen

    It seems like the notorious Casanova is finally putting his bad boy days behind him.

    The Canadian-born singer is raising his baby together with Chinese model, Qin Shupei.

    Edison Chen and Qin Shupei have been dating for over a year.

    The former even splashed S$4.05 million on a mansion in Los Angeles, where he lives with the model.

    Chen took to Instagram to share his bliss with his fans, posting many pictures of his little one.

    In one of the pictures, Chen played twinsies with his daughter, wearing a shirt in the same print as his daughter’s frock.

    (Photo: Instagram/Edison Chen)

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  • Shaun Chen
    7 / 15 Shaun Chen

    Shaun Chen is the proud parent of two baby girls.

    He tied the knot in 2015 with Celine Chin.

    A year later, he welcomed his first child, Nellie.

    Just two months ago, his wife gave birth to his second child, who is also a girl, in Malaysia.

    (Photo: Instagram/Shaun Chen)

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  • Aaron Kwok
    8 / 15 Aaron Kwok

    This Hong Kong superstar made headlines when his 30-year-old wife gave birth to a baby.

    Kwok did not disclose the sex of the baby.

    Earlier this year, the heavenly king walked down the aisle with Shanghainese model, Moka Fang.

    He revealed the good news through a Weibo post with a photo of a baby’s hand holding someone’s fingers with a caption that says, “Happy, amazed, grateful! We three!”.

    (Photo: Weibo/Aaron Kwok)

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  • Jamie Yeo
    9 / 15 Jamie Yeo

    Gold 90.5 radio deejay, Jamie Yeo, and her British expat husband, Rupert, welcomed baby Luke on the Sept 24, 2017.

    Yeo also has a seven-year-old daughter, Alysia, from her previous marriage to Englishmen, Thorsten Nolte.

    (Photo: Instagram/Jamie Yeo)

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  • Fan Fan
    10 / 15 Fan Fan

    Taiwanese singer, Christine Fan, known by her stage name, Fan Fan, gave birth to twin boys in 2015.

    The singer who is married to Taiwanese host, Blackie Chen, regularly posts photos of her adorable tykes on her social media accounts.

    (Photo: Instagram/Fan Fan)

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  • Joanne Peh
    11 / 15 Joanne Peh

    Celebrity couple Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu are parents to a one-year-old girl and 5-months-old boy.

    The power couple have been married since 2014.

    To spend more time with his bundles of joy, Qi who has been based in his homeland, China, renewed his contract with Mediacorp in 2016.

    (Photo: Instagram/Joanne Peh)

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  • Wu Chun
    12 / 15 Wu Chun

    If you’ve been watching the Chinese reality TV show, ‘Dad is home’, you would be familiar with Wu Chun’s daughter, Nei Nei.

    But, Wu Chun has been keeping his three-year-old son’s identity under wraps.

    However, Wu Chun recently set the internet ablaze when he posted a picture of his little munchkin.

    You will be seeing more of his son, Max, as he makes his first appearance in the fifth season of “Dad, where are we going”, alongside his dad and sister.

    (Photo: Weibo/Wu Chun)

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  • Ella Chen
    13 / 15 Ella Chen

    Earlier this year, 35-year-old S.H.E. singer became a mum to a baby boy.

    She is raising her son together with her husband, Malaysian businessman, Alvin Lai.

    The cheeky singer posted a tongue-in-cheek family portrait on Facebook, with a caption that poked fun at her husband.

    She wrote in Chinese, “This family portrait shows who wears the pants in the relationship. Who asked you to kneel down for the photo?”.

    (Photo: Facebook/Ella Chen)

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  • Fann Wong
    14 / 15 Fann Wong

    This pretty mummy requires no introduction.

    The 46-year-old actress and her husband of eight years, are proud parents to two-year-old, Zed.

    It sure seems like Zed inherited his parent’s good looks.

    The fashionista often posts photos of her dapper toddler decked out super stylish outfits on her Instagram.

    (Photo: Instagram/Fann Wong)

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  • Andie Chen
    15 / 15 Andie Chen

    Local celebrity couple, Andie Chen and Kate Pang, dated secretly after meeting on the set of TV drama ‘Break Free’ in 2013.

    In the same year, they announced that they were not only going to get married, but were also expecting their first child.

    After an unsuccessful pregnancy in 2015, in June of 2016, Chen and Pang welcomed their second child.

    These days, Chen has his own YouTube channel where he uploads videos of his family.

    (Photo: Instagram/Andie Chen)

    A version of this article was first published on Her World Plus.

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