15 Singapore celebrities and parent influencers share the best thing that happened to them in 2017

By Lynn Wee   — January 03, 2018
  • Bong Qiuqiu
    1 / 15 Bong Qiuqiu

    2017 was a roller coaster of a year for Bong Qiuqiu, who faced a lengthy legal dispute with a social media advertising network.

    Despite the bad times, the popular influencer chose to focus on what was truly important – her daughters, two-year-old Meredith and seven-month-old Amelia.

    “Happy 2017, everyone. I had a very rough one but everything was worth it, because now I have Amelia, and of course, Meredith, too”, she wrote in a post.

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    (Photo: Instagram/bongqiuqiu)

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  • Jaime Teo
    2 / 15 Jaime Teo

    Two years ago, on the last day of 2016, Jaime Teo dropped a bombshell – she announced her divorce from ex-radio DJ Daniel Ong.

    Thankfully, 2017 seemed to be a more peaceful year for the former beauty queen.

    The 39-year-old posted a collage of photos – which featured her seven-year-old daughter Renee and ex-husband – and a positive note to welcome the New Year.

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    (Photo: Instagram/jmeteo)

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  • Jamie Yeo
    3 / 15 Jamie Yeo

    Radio DJ and television host Jamie Yeo surprised her followers in 2017 when she announced her third marriage – to British expatriate Rupert – and the arrival of her son Luke on Instagram.

    So, what better way to end 2017 than with a shot of her blissful family of four? We love the expression of her seven-year-old daughter, Alysia, whose loose tooth fell out seconds before the shot.

    “We’ll get the perfect family photo another day,” the 40-year-old added.

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    (Photo: Instagram/iamjamieyeo)

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  • Janet Hsieh
    4 / 15 Janet Hsieh

    It had been an “awesome, wild and crazy 2017” for Janet Hsieh and George Young, who welcomed their baby boy after a late-term pregnancy of 41 weeks and 38 hours of labour.

    The new mum also shared an apt picture of her sprawled across the bed with a note that said “that’s all folks”, while baby Ergan looked up.

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    (Photo: Instagram/janetagram)

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  • Joanne Peh
    5 / 15 Joanne Peh

    It was also an eventful year for Joanne Peh, who welcomed her second child in April.

    The 34-year-old actress ushered in the New Year with nine pictures that best depicted her life in 2017 – from watching her two kids learn to adapt to one another to spending time with her actor-hubby Qi Yu Wu.

    She also took to Instagram to announce her plans for 2018, which includes launching a creative children’s programme and writing a book.

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    (Photo: Instagram/joannepeh)

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  • Kewei Tay
    6 / 15 Kewei Tay

    Jumping on the #2017bestnine bandwagon is local singer Tay Kewei, who shared her entire pregnancy – from first finding out to giving birth to the adorable #shenmomo – on Instagram.

    And for her, the arrival of their son was the #bestgiftever in 2017.

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    (Photo: Instagram/keweitay)

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  • Alfred Sim
    7 / 15 Alfred Sim

    Continuing the #2017bestnine trend, her husband, singer and athletics coach Alfred also took to Instagram to reflect on 2017.

    “Every picture speaks a lot, and I realised it’s all about my little family”, he wrote.

    He also rang in the New Year with a post for 2018, and gave a little snippet of parenthood – the sleepless nights where they took turn to coax their crying son.

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    (Photo: Instagram/zolalfredo)

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  • Leia and Lauren
    8 / 15 Leia and Lauren

    When mum Amber Yong posts a video collage of popular Instagram stars Leia and Lauren in the various countries they have travelled to in 2017, what’s not to like?

    Plus, we got to see how the twins transitioned from babies to toddlers.

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    (Photo: Instagram/leialauren)

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  • Lim Pei Fen
    9 / 15 Lim Pei Fen

    Radio DJ and TV host Lim Peifen also welcomed the New Year with nine of her most liked pictures in 2017 – and all but one featured her little boy, Luke.

    She wrote: “Life isn’t really about likes but likes are nice. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Let’s all remember to be grateful everyday of the new year. We are entitled to nothing, everything is a gift.”

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    (Photo: Instagram/limpeifen)

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  • Melody Chen
    10 / 15 Melody Chen

    DJ Melody Chen, 40, and her husband, actor Randall Tan, had been trying for a baby since they married about nine years ago. So imagine their shock when they learnt about the twin pregnancy.

    “Nicely done, 2017! You are by far one of the most impactful and memorable years of our lives,” Melody shared on her account.

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    (Photo: Instagram/melodychen_)

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  • Randall Tan
    11 / 15 Randall Tan

    Likewise, Randall shared his best nine pictures on his account with an accompanying caption that says, “you only have to look at my #2017bestnine and you will know why it has been the best year for me”.

    Enough said.

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    (Photo: Instagram/randalltan)

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  • Kate Pang
    12 / 15 Kate Pang

    Former actress Kate Pang shared a heart-warming post on her account, where she touched on her once-shaky marriage with former actor Andie Chen, and her thoughts on leaving Mediacorp.

    She then ended the post with her thoughts for 2018: “New Year, new hope, and more room for growth. We may not have it all now, but we’ll certainly be able to create more in the future.”

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    (Photo: Instagram/katepang311)

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  • Yvonne Lim
    13 / 15 Yvonne Lim

    Since she took a break from acting, we have not seen Yvonne Lim on the telly for a long time. But the 41-year-old actress is still active on social media.

    Posting her nine best shots of 2017 – which included hubby Alex Tian, her two tykes, Alex Junior and Alexa, and celebs like Hong Hui Fang and Fish Leong – she wrote that as a mother of two, her New Year’s Eve was not as exciting as everyone else’s, but these were the moments that she would cherish forever.

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    (Photo: Instagram/yvonnelim928)

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  • Diana Ser
    14 / 15 Diana Ser

    Instead of reminiscing about the past year,  Diana Ser took to Instagram to share her thoughts for the New Year.

    2018 will be an exciting year for the effectively bilingual mummy as her youngest daughter, Jaymee, joins her two older children – Jake and Christy – in primary school.

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    (Photo: Instagram/dianaserlye)

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  • Jacelyn Tay
    15 / 15 Jacelyn Tay

    2018 will be just as exciting for actress and mumpreneur Jacelyn Tay, whose son is starting formal education, too.

    In her lengthy New Year post, she wished for peace and lots of joy, great health, more kisses from her businessman hubby Brian Wong, and for her son Zavier to develop his potential in Primary 1.

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    (Photo: Instagram/jacelyn_tay)

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