4 new kid-friendly things to do in East Coast Park

December 12, 2017
  • Aloha Sea Sports Centre
    1 / 4 Aloha Sea Sports Centre

    The Aloha Sea Sports Centre rents out equipment for watersports and conducts courses for these activities.

    The things you can do there include windsurfing, a form of sailing where you stand on a surfboard powered across the water by wind, and stand-up paddling, where visitors cruise along the shore standing upright on a surfboard, paddling on the water.

    The centre, which has been in business since September, is at the location most recently occupied by the Mana Mana Beach Club, which closed in 2015.

    The company behind the centre is investment company Haiyi Holdings, which is owned by Mr Gordon Tang, a Singapore-based businessman who is also an avid windsurfer and competitive sailor.

    He decided that all profits derived from the centre will go towards developing sailing as a sport in Singapore.

    Mr Meng Wang, 45, a director at the centre, estimates that 150 to 200 people have tried the centre’s services so far.

    Equipment rental starts at $20 an hour for kids and $30 an hour for adults.

    Courses cost $50 to $100 an hour, based on the lesson’s overall duration and the number of people.

    The centre hopes to be a location for team-building activities.

    Mr Wang says: “There is always something to do. If it is windy, guests can go windsurfing. If it is calm, they can do stand-up paddling.”

    Where: 1212 East Coast Parkway (Carpark E2)
    When: 10am to 6pm (weekdays), 9am to 6pm (weekends and public holidays), last rental at 5pm
    Admission: Rentals start at $20 an hour for kids under age 13 and $30 an hour for adults
    Visit www.alohaseasports.com.sg

    (Photo: The Straits Times)

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  • Tag Team @ East Coast Park
    2 / 4 Tag Team @ East Coast Park

    At indoor laser tag centre Tag Team, there is a new enhanced game where players do not only shoot at the enemy team, but also at enemy drones which get deactivated after receiving sufficient “damaging” shots.

    The drones can also fire back at players.

    Drones are a “new technology that lets us provide more exciting offerings”, says Mr Tony Tan, 47, a director at the centre.

    Since June this year, the centre has also conducted workshops teaching children how to assemble and fly the “attack” drones used in the game.

    Where: 01-03 Parkland Green, 920 East Coast Parkway (Carpark C1)
    When: 3 to 8pm (Wednesdays to Fridays), 10am to 8pm (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays); laser drone tag available from 1 to 5pm (Dec 15 and 22); other times, call 6348-2696 or 9235-3600 at least a day ahead
    Admission: From $15 a mission, $180 or $280 for a two-or four-hour drone-building workshop
    Visit www.tagteaminc.sg/ecp

    (Photo: Facebook/TAG TEAM)

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  • Singapore Wake Park
    3 / 4 Singapore Wake Park

    Nearby is the Singapore Wake Park, which offers cable wakeboarding, where participants ride on water using a wakeboard pulled by an electrically driven cable.

    Since opening in October last year, it has seen about 5,000 wakeboarders, including families and young adults.

    A one-hour session for beginners starts at $32.

    Where: 1206A East Coast Parkway (Carpark E1)
    When: 11am to 9pm (weekdays), 9am to 9pm (weekends and public holidays). It is undergoing minor refurbishments, with facilities for beginners opening before the end of this month
    Admission: For beginners, passes cost $32 (one hour) or $42 (two hours) on weekdays, $42 (one hour) or $52 (two hours) on weekends and public holidays
    Visit www.singaporewakepark.com

    (Photo: Facebook/Singapore Wake Park)

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  • Swimming lessons for babies and toddlers at SandBank
    4 / 4 Swimming lessons for babies and toddlers at SandBank

    Even a restaurant is offering opportunities for some customers to get wet.

    Family eatery SandBank, which has a 15m-long and sheltered temperature-regulated plunge pool, has been providing swimming lessons for babies and toddlers since May this year.

    About 200 little ones have had swimming lessons there.

    These lessons are conducted by Little Swim School, a local start-up that focuses on teaching young children how to swim.

    A half-hour trial lesson costs $40.

    Its marketing manager, Mr Marcus Chow, 39, says: “We teach young children to be confident in the water, as well as allow them quality bonding time with their parents.”

    Where: 01-28/32, 920 East Coast Parkway (Carpark C1)
    When: 9am to 5pm (Saturdays and Sundays); bookings required, WhatsApp or SMS 8262-1919 to make a booking
    Admission: Trial lessons are $40 for a 30-minute session; a four-month package is $576
    Visit www.sandbank.com.sg/little-swim-school

    A version of this article first appeared on The Straits Times.

    (Photo: Facebook/SandBank)

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