5 Asian celebrity mums who are surprisingly good at DIY and art and craft

April 18, 2018
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    We are not the only ones obsessed with DIY. From the looks of these candid photos on social media, our favourite stars like Zoe Tay, Fann Wong and Joanne Peh enjoy getting creative in their free time, too. Whether their activity of choice is painting, baking or sewing, these famous faces are admittingly into crafting and have been happily caught in the act.

    In light of the upcoming annual environmental movement, Earth Day, on April 22, we put top together a list of some of the art projects undertaken by your celebrities to inspire you to reduce, reuse and recycle and do your bid for the environment.


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  • Kate Pang
    2 / 8 Kate Pang

    Kate Pang

    The actress who recently left show business to focus on her YouTube channel with her husband and fellow entertainer, Andie Chen, couldn’t resist an afternoon of cutting and sewing with her four-year-old son Aden.

    “This is my first time helping my child with his art project”, wrote the actress and mother-of-two. She also hashtagged the snap with an ancient Chinese proverb that loosely translates to “the thread from a loving mother’s hand.”

    Watch our video interview with Kate here.

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    Photo: Kate Pang/Instagram

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  • Ada Choi
    3 / 8 Ada Choi

    When filming for the drama series “Oh My Grad!” wrapped, Hong Kong actress kept busy- by sewing! Ada Choi posted a series of pictures of her and her husband and actor Max Zhang working intently on a craft project for their daughter to the Chinese microblogging website Weibo. The finished product is just out of this world!

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  • Fann Wong
    4 / 8 Fann Wong

    The veteran actress has a not-so-secret side career, as she doubles as a very talented comic book artist. In 2014, Fann Wong  even released a comic book slash memoir titled “Girl Illustrated” that documented her childhood, work life and everything in between. These days, the actress has been spending a great deal of time passing down her love of the arts to her three-year-old son affectionately known as Zed Zed.


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  • Fann Wong
    5 / 8 Fann Wong

    Fann posted a picture of a recent art project that she worked on together with her son and husband and captioned it, “Zed’s latest farm project. This time with baba (Christopher)’s love and help too, @aiainbaby baba’s involvements – the stable, the gate. Zed’s work – the tall fence which in my opinion is much nicer than my typical fence and he gets to decide what colour the fan mill( yes we have to redo cos the colours were not right) and where the well and the fan mill stand and also where the animals stay. He loves the farm too much and was crying when I brought it to school with him.”

    Photos: Fann Wong/Instagram

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  • Joanne Peh
    6 / 8 Joanne Peh

    The “Dream Coder” is more than just a pretty face as Joanne proves here, holding up an art project she created with the help of her two-year-old daughter, Baby Qi.

    The actress picked up crafting after she had her daughter in 2015. She started small and worked on simpler projects like pencil holders before moving on to more complicated crafts like backpacks. The creative actress recently channeled her love for the arts into a business, The Dimple Loft, an enrichment programme that “focuses on storytelling through the filmic arts.”

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    Photo: Joanne Peh/Instagram

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  • Zoe Tay
    7 / 8 Zoe Tay

    Since 2016, the Queen of Caldecott and mother-of-three has been devoting her free time to giving back to the community and helping the less fortunate. To raise funds for the “Hearts and Hugs” fund-raising programme, the actress worked with her sons to decorate goodie bags that went to those in need.

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    Photo: Zoe Tay/Instagram

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  • Fish Leong
    8 / 8 Fish Leong

    It’s easy to believe that one person’s efforts don’t matter when it comes to protecting the environment, but if we all made small tweaks and changes to our lifestyle, we could make a huge difference. One small switch we can make is to follow Malaysian singer Fish Leong’s lead and cook at home instead of eating out. In this picture, the singer who is based in Taiwan is making a batch of cookies from scratch with her three-year old son.

    According to a study by Cornell University, while it takes seven kilocalories of energy to produce food, processing, packaging and transporting it takes another ten. Hence, if you want to do your part for the environment, you can start by cooking your own food rather than dining out.

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    Photo: Fish Leong/Instagram

    A version of this story first appeared in Her World.

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