5 reasons celebrity mum Joanne Peh looks amazing at age 36

April 24, 2019
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    We cannot believe that Joanne Peh turns 36 on April 25 – she doesn’t look her age at all! Joanne  first came into the media spotlight as a Miss Singapore Universe contestant in 2002. Since then, she has taken up a wide range of roles – both onscreen and offscreen. Most recently, the actress made the leap from being in front of the camera to behind the scenes as a director in her debut film, Under The Tree.


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    It’s a busy time for the mother-of-two, planning for her filmic arts camp and toddler workshops, but she still keeps her skin in great condition despite only getting five hours of sleep every night.


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    How does she do it? Ultherapy, says Joanne, who first experienced the treatment in November 2018. “It improves my skin texture, stimulates collagen and the best part is the results continue to show even up to six months post-treatment. I find myself having to use less make-up and that gives me more time to focus on other areas of my life!” adds Joanne, who was such a proponent of the treatment that she subsequently became the ambassador of Merz Aesthetics’ Ultherapy treatment.


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    Here are four other things Joanne does to keep her skin in great condition, and it doesn’t just involve beauty products because “I’ve always believed that a great percentage of how we look on the outside is dependent on how we are on the inside,” says the celebrity mum, who celebrates her birthday on April 25.


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  • 1. Meditate
    5 / 10 1. Meditate

    We keep reading about the wonders of meditating daily, but which one of us actually does it? Well, Joanne, apparently. She says, “Stress and anxiety is inevitable, so I see meditation as a form of exercise for my emotional well-being. I make it a habit to do it for about 10 minutes. It helps to clear my mind, gain awareness and connect to my feelings.”


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  • 2. Exercise
    6 / 10 2. Exercise

    There’s nothing quite like the glow you get post-workout, and Joanne knows that. How does she train? “I vary my workout with interval training, yoga and a 5km run. Exercise improves blood circulation and removes toxins, giving my skin a nice healthy glow. I also run outdoors, for my dosage of Vitamin D for healthy bones,” she says.


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  • 3. Read
    7 / 10 3. Read

    Reading is part of staying positive for Joanne because she believes that focusing on improving her inner self will lead to better health, and better skin in the process. “I love reading because it allows me to escape into a fictional world where I can imagine all kinds of scenarios. It’s what I do for fun! I also read books on parenting, education, leadership. Reading about other people and learning from their experiences nourishes and inspires me filling my mind with lots of positive things.”


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  • 4. Hydrate, inside out
    8 / 10 4. Hydrate, inside out

    “Keeping ourselves hydrated by drinking water sounds easy, but most of us probably only pick up water when we feel thirsty. I do recommend that we drink throughout the day, even when we are not feeling thirsty.


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    “I also have a special tea blend that I drink regularly to detox after food but it’s currently still in the R&D stage – hopefully, we can mass produce it soon (to share with everyone). It’s also important to hydrate our skin with the right products.”


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    “I’m a fan of Estee Lauder’s Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment and the Advanced Night Repair serum.”

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