6 reasons to visit the Gardens by the Bay’s dazzling Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations

September 21, 2017
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    Mid-autumn revellers can look forward to a dazzling display of lanterns, cultural performances and food at this year’s Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay festival from Friday Sept 22 to Oct 8, 2017.

    Splendour of Blooms (pictured) features some 250 waterlily-shaped lanterns floating on the lake.

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  • Dazzling views
    2 / 6 Dazzling views

    Based on the theme Autumn Abundance, key highlights include more than 500 sunflower lanterns and the Flight of the Dragonflies installation, which will see the gardens’ Supertrees decked with dragonfly lanterns.


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  • Over 100 dragonfly-shaped lanterns
    3 / 6 Over 100 dragonfly-shaped lanterns

    Here’s a close up of the Flight of the Dragonflies installation, which features over 100 dragonfly-shaped lanterns adorning the Supertrees.

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  • Waters of Prosperity
    4 / 6 Waters of Prosperity

    The Waters of Prosperity set (pictured) is the largest lantern display created by the Gardens to date. Spanning an area of 1,250 sq m over water, it portrays a fishing village teeming with 70 carp-shaped lanterns.

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  • Pretty flowers
    5 / 6 Pretty flowers

    The Field of Sunshine set (pictured) features bright flowers and bees.

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  • Cultural performances
    6 / 6 Cultural performances

    There will also be performances, including those of traditional Chinese music and Malay dance.

    Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay is presented by Gardens by the Bay, co-organised with the National Arts Council, in partnership with the Singapore Press Holdings‘ Chinese Media Group, Singapore University of Technology and Design, and People’s Association. It is also supported by the Tote Board and Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple.


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