7 things you need to know about Treasures of the Natural World exhibition at Artscience Museum

By Lynn Wee   — November 24, 2017
  • What you can expect at Treasures of the Natural World exhibition
    1 / 7 What you can expect at Treasures of the Natural World exhibition

    If you’ve always wanted to visit London’s Natural History museum, you won’t want to miss the Artscience museum’s latest exhibition from the famed British institution – Treasures of the Natural World.

    With over 200 artefacts and specimens finding temporary residence here, families can expect a voyage of discovery from the 18th century, through to the present day.

    Young Parents popped by to see what the hype is about, and the five themed sections of treasures certainly did not disappoint.

    There are interactive elements incorporated in each gallery, so kids can go on a treasure trail and have lots of fun while discovering objects of the natural world.

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  • Explore the multi-sensory cabinet
    2 / 7 Explore the multi-sensory cabinet

    Titled Building Nature’s Treasure House, the first gallery showcases the formation of the Natural History Museum, and how Sir Hans Sloane’s vast collection of 400,000 natural history specimens formed its basis.

    There, you’ll find rare items such as the cursed amethyst – its owner locked the stone inside seven protective boxes to prevent it from harming him – and the massive Terracotta lion – which once stood at the parapet of the British museum until the 1980s.

    Your little ones will love exploring the multi-sensory cabinet, which features a light box, kirigami (a variation of origami) drawers, a peep hole and more (pictured).


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  • The inspiration behind scientific principles
    3 / 7 The inspiration behind scientific principles

    Venture farther and you’ll find yourself at Treasures of the Mind.

    In this gallery, you will see how different artefacts inspired naturalists like Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace to establish fundamental scientific principles.

    One example is a sample of the diverse beetle species collected by Wallace (he collected a whopping 83,200) during his time in the Malay Archipelago (now known as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia).

    There is also a large graphic wall – Where’s Wallace (pictured) – where children can participate and look for Wallace (of course) and his 18 collectibles – similar to the ‘find the hidden object’ game.

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  • Create your own stories
    4 / 7 Create your own stories

    At the third gallery, Treasures of Exploration,  you’ll see a wide range of specimens found across the globe, including seas.

    For instance, the Emperor Penguin Chick Skin (pictured) reveals an interesting science fact for kids – its developmental stage demonstrates that these bird species lay their eggs during the Antarctic winter.

    This gallery’s interactive activity features a tall ship-like structure where children can get on board and develop their own narratives of pretend voyages.

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  • Fold your own tiger or orang-utan
    5 / 7 Fold your own tiger or orang-utan

    Kids will be in awe as they step foot into the fourth gallery, Treasures of Life are Everywhere.

    Here, they’ll find themselves surrounded by extinct creatures such as the Dodo bird from Mauritius and the Sabre-toothed cat in America.

    Parents can also take this opportunity to teach them about the plight of other critical endangered species within Southeast Asia. Children can create their own tiger and orang-utan (pictured), and hang it on the simulated rainforest.

    The activity is inspired by the museum’s permanent exhibit – Into the Wild. Read our review here.

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  • Take on the role of a scientist
    6 / 7 Take on the role of a scientist

    The adventure culminates in its last gallery – A Museum for a Modern World.

    Families can closely examine how scientists have been actively studying and managing natural resources in a bid to unlock the mysteries of the past.

    There is also a digital “laboratory” where the little ones can take on the role of a scientist and seek answers about the universe.

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  • Details of Treasures of the Natural World
    7 / 7 Details of Treasures of the Natural World

    When: Nov 25, 2017 to Apr 29, 2018
    Where: Artscience Museum, Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue
    Admission: Ticket prices start from $9.60 (for kids age two to 12 years old) and $13.60 for an adult
    Find out more: www.marinabaysands.com/museum/treasures.html

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