All you need to know about the Tokidoki X Kumoya pop-up cafe in Singapore

March 29, 2018
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    If you’re a big fan of Tokidoki characters, you have to check out the latest reincarnation of Kumoya.

    It now holds the honour of being the world’s first Tokidoki pop-up cafe. Even its co-founder and chief creative officer Simone Legno has flown in from Los Angeles to officiate its opening today (March 29).

    Previously, the cafe has collaborated with beloved characters Cinnamoroll, Miffy and Care Bears.


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    Fans will feel like they’ve stepped into the magical world of Tokidoki as they get surrounded by the brand’s well-loved characters, including Unicorno, Donutella and Cactus Friends.

    They can also buy merchandises such as watches, baseball caps and cafe-exclusive plush toys.


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    Once again, Kumoya has worked with food blogger and bento artist, Shirley Wong, better known as Little Miss Bento to curate and style the dishes and beverages.

    Check out some of the menu highlights.

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  • Unicorno Cotton Candy ($17.90)
    4 / 10 Unicorno Cotton Candy ($17.90)

    This is definitely the most Instagrammable item from the menu! Get your camera ready and snap away once it’s served, before that fluffy cotton candy melts. Then take your time to sip the passion fruit and strawberry Calpis with butterfly pea tea.

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  • Moofia-Protected Pressed Sushi Rice ($24.90)
    5 / 10 Moofia-Protected Pressed Sushi Rice ($24.90)

    Grilled unagi, cheddar cheese and cucumber make a surprising combination here.

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  • Sandy and Polpettina Full-of-Life Chicken Katsu Burger ($23.90)
    6 / 10 Sandy and Polpettina Full-of-Life Chicken Katsu Burger ($23.90)

    Sweet teriyaki sauce is drizzled over the crispy chicken katsu that’s served with cheese and sandwich in green burger buns. The small pink mantou comes with custard filling.

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  • A Lot-of-Things Lah! Merlion Seafood Ramen ($28.90)
    7 / 10 A Lot-of-Things Lah! Merlion Seafood Ramen ($28.90)

    How adorable is the Tokidoki Merlion character that Simone created for Singapore?

    This ramen dish is the most expensive item on the menu, but you get scallops and half portion of crayfish.

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  • Donutella & Sweet Friends Japanese Curry Rice ($25.90)
    8 / 10 Donutella & Sweet Friends Japanese Curry Rice ($25.90)

    We think this deserves the “A Lot of Things Lah!” name more than the ramen. You’ll find chunky tempura salmon, breaded prawns, calamari rings and fresh garden salad.

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  • Stellina Sunny Morning Unicorno Magic Breakfast ($25.90)
    9 / 10 Stellina Sunny Morning Unicorno Magic Breakfast ($25.90)

    Craving chicken and beef sausages, scrambled egg and hashbrown at 8pm? You can order this all-day breakfast dish.

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  • Adios and Ciao Ciao's Farewell Fantasy Charcoal Waffles ($22.90)
    10 / 10 Adios and Ciao Ciao's Farewell Fantasy Charcoal Waffles ($22.90)

    End your meal on a sweet note with some desserts. This is our favourite – the waffles are so light, crisp and b

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