Best chocolate shops in Singapore that are perfect for presents or to treat yourself

July 03, 2019
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    Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s the ultimate comfort food, offering solace when life gets tough, fulfilling hunger pangs when there’s no other food around, injecting some much needed energy when you’re going for a run. (It’s the ultimate bribe for kids, too!) It has other health benefits too, if you eat the good kind (i.e. dark chocolate, with a cocoa percentage of around seventy per cent or more).

    Whether you’re a fan of white, milk or dark chocolates, of brownies, chocolate cakes and tarts, truffles or bonbons, there are plenty of options in Singapore to curb your chocolate cravings. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best chocolate spots here to get your fix.

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  • Angelina
    2 / 8 Angelina

    Popular for their delicate pastries and tarts, this Parisian tearoom offers many varieties of rich chocolate treats such as the Mont Blanc ($13.50), a round meringue base domed with whipped cream and topped with a generous serving of sweet chestnut purée vermicelli. Customers can enjoy this famed pastry which customers can enjoy while sipping on its signature ‘L’Africain Hot Chocolate ($12++) — a decadent beverage made from three kinds of cocoa from Niger, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. Need a main or a snack to fill up on before enjoying your chocolate dessert? Don’t fret, Angelina’s menu offers a range of breakfast items, pasta dishes and high tea sets to satisfy your tummy and Instagram feed.

    Where: Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Canal Level # B2-89 / 89A, Singapore 018972, tel: 6688 7236. Find out more here 

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  • Godiva
    3 / 8 Godiva

    Nothing compares to a luxe box of Godiva chocolates, especially when you need to relax and unwind after a long day. We love the Chocolate Gold Discovery Collection (starts from $34), as it comes with a curious and unexpected assortment of flavours – including intense caramels, nutty pralines, smooth ganaches and sweet, fruity additions. Because of the brand’s gorgeous packaging and many chocolate flavours, Godiva’s offerings would make the perfect gift – we’d recommend the Chocolate Luxury Gift Box Red (starts from $168), which is shaped like a jewellery case. The majestic box is clad in a piece of elegant fabric and opens up to a wide range of assorted chocolate and truffles. We reckon it’s just perfect for pampering that special someone!

    Find out more here



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  • Royce
    4 / 8 Royce

    If you’ve ever had a taste of Royce’s famed Nama Chocolates ($15), you’ll get what we mean when we say that they simply have to be on this list. Rich, velvety and luscious, they are covered in a light dusting of powder and melt in your mouth. Take your pick from classic and timeless flavours such as Au Lait, that has a blend of milk chocolate and fresh cream; Champagne, which has the fragrance of Champagne Pierre Mignon; Ghana Bitter, which comes with a slightly bitter aftertaste and Maccha, which is green tea-flavoured. If you’re already a fan of the Nama series, why not give the Petite Truffe ($12.50) a try? With playful flavours such as Orange, Kirsch, Praline, each truffle is a masterpiece of smooth ganache encased in an addictively pleasing coating.

    Find out more here


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  • Awfully Chocolate
    5 / 8 Awfully Chocolate

    For an avid chocolate lover, a trip to Awfully Chocolate would probably bring back happy memories of being a kid at a candy store. The stars of the show are definitely the many varieties of chocolate cake available here – including the decadent Chocolate Praline Cake ($9.90 per slice) and light and creamy Chocolate Tiramisu Cake ($19.90 per jar). But if pigging out on cake isn’t your thing, indulge yourself with a box of finely-crafted Belgian truffles ($18 for six pieces) to end off your meal.

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  • Janice Wong
    6 / 8 Janice Wong

    A well-made piece of chocolate can be compared to a great piece of art – made with creativity and finesse, they bring undeniable happiness to people who get to enjoy them. Janice Wong takes this to a whole new level, by creating literal, edible art with her desserts. What customers end up with is a selection of desserts that resemble masterpieces. Don’t miss out on the Chocolate Crayons ($36 for box of eight, $105 for box of 40) — with flavours such as Passionfruit, Grape and Peppermint — and Box of Assorted Chocolates ($12 for three pieces to $90 for 25 pieces) that they’re best known for! Flavours are so unique and quirky, yet so satisfying. They include Gingerflower, Kopi, Chilli Padi and BBQ Bakkwa Pork praline poprocks.

    Where: Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, B1-k28, Singapore 238859. Find out more here.



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  • Hediard
    7 / 8 Hediard

    Founded by a young Ferdinand Hediard in 1854, these luxurious chocolates were once sold from a humble cart in Paris. Known for delivering aromatic, powerful flavours in each bite, this premium delicatessen is a great choice for those who prefer a stronger taste when it comes to having sweets. They offer everything from delicate pralines to chocolate bars and truffles to chocolate-covered almonds — all enhanced in Hediard’s luxury boxes. We’d recommend trying out the classic selection with a Box of Assorted Fine Chocolates (from $12.90) or treating yourself to some Chocolate Truffles (from $9.95) that simply melt in your mouth.

    Find out more here.




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  • Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
    8 / 8 Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

    Picking a food gift can be tricky, especially when you’re not sure of your recipient’s preferences. Laurent Bernard makes gifting chocolate so much easier, thanks to its exciting chocolate hamper collection. Look towards classics such as the Chocolate Box of assorted flavours in milk, white and dark chocolate ($72 for 16 pieces) that comes in a gorgeous green box, or gourmet chocolate bars (from $13.20). There’s also the popular Trianon Chocolate Cake ($53). Composed of a hazelnut dacquoise sponge cake, layered with a crispy layer of gavottes and chocolate whipped cream, this creation is the ultimate indulgence for a special occasion.

    Find out more here.


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