Best kid-friendly things to do in Seoul, South Korea

March 08, 2019
  • Experience farm life
    1 / 4 Experience farm life

    Anseong Farmland is located about 70km from Seoul. Here, kids can ride on tractors, pet farm animals, practise archery, tour a livestock paddock, watch dog shows, ride a water bumper tube, learn about harvesting and even go horseback riding.

    There are also many green open spaces in which to run around or have a family picnic (there are restaurants and snack shops on-site where you can purchase food), and you can also rent bicycles and ride around the property.

    Tickets are 10,000 won (S$12.15) per child aged three to 18 and 12,000 won per adult.

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  • Spend the day at a museum for kids
    2 / 4 Spend the day at a museum for kids

    The Seoul Children’s Museum offers a variety of inspiring activities and workshops. For instance, on weekends, kids four years and older can learn how to make simple dishes with their parents at the Family Cooking Class, while those five years and older can express themselves at the Performance Workshop.

    There are also exhibitions, most of which are educational and designed to spark your child’s creativity and imagination.

    Tickets are 4,000 won (S$4.90) per person. Admission is free for children under 36 months old. Workshop and class fees are extra.

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  • Go on safari
    3 / 4 Go on safari

    Located in Yongin, Everland is South Korea’s largest amusement park. There are numerous attractions here, including roller coasters, virtual reality adventures and waterthemed rides.

    One of the more unique ones is the Lost Valley Safari Adventure, where visitors travel through a safari-style park on a specialised, convertible amphibious vehicle.

    There are numerous animals to spot along the way, including zebras, sable antelopes, cheetahs, pink flamingos and giraffes. Everland also has a Safari World attraction, where visitors can get up close to lions, tigers and bears.

    Tickets are 43,000 won (S$52.30) per child and 54,000 won per adult.

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  • Explore a 3D world
    4 / 4 Explore a 3D world

    Seoul’s Trick Eye Museum is an optical illusion paradise, filled with three-dimensional paintings and installations. There are five main spaces, with names like Water World, Synchro Zone and Fantasy, where your little ones can pose alongside the exhibits and take funny and mind-bending photographs.

    There is also an ice museum that boasts ice sculptures and a 10m-long slide made from ice. Kids aged three to 10 years old will also enjoy the creative workshops, from mask making to toy making.

    Tickets are 12,000 won (S$14.60) per child under 18 years old and 15,000 won per adult.

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